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10 Tips Before Moving to Colorado

Colorado’s population has never been higher before, with nearly 5.8 million residents. This means that over 1.5 million people have moved to the state in the last two decades, and it continues to bring in many new residents every year!

There are several essential things to consider if you’re looking to move from popular states such as Texas and California. Hiring reputable interstate movers should be your priority in that situation, and that’s where The Denver Moving Companies can help.

Knowing some facts about the Centennial State before packing up your things and going can let you prepare yourself better for the process. Here are a few essential moving things to know about the state:

Why Should You Move to Colorado?

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The State of Colorado has many things to offer, with many fantastic cities, thriving cuisine, and outdoor activities. It’s more than likely that you’ve heard of these things, which may have prompted you to look for movers in Denver to relocate there.

Determine Your Options

Do you wish to move to downtown Denver? This capital city is a thriving hub of culture, food, art, and lifestyle. However, its cost of living is more expensive than other areas due to its high demand, and there is considerably more traffic.

If you’re looking for a more calm and accessible lifestyle, the Colorado Springs municipality may interest you. It’s a budget-friendly city along the Front Range. Some locals call it “The Springs,” and it’s the home of excellent family culture and the Olympic Training Center. It gives you easy access to the mountain range and doesn’t leave your bank dry.

Other great choices are the city of Fort Collins, where you can be nearer to nature, and Boulder, where you can enjoy a well-balanced lifestyle. Some of these cities can make you feel as if you were a real Denverite while giving you the benefits of living in a modest town, all in the vicinity of big cities such as Denver.

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There is no shortage of options, and if you hire The Denver Moving Company as your long-distance movers, we can guarantee a pleasant moving ordeal. Our company is one of the best moving companies in Denver, and we have the experience to back it up!

Figure out Your Reason for Moving

You might wonder why so many non-Denveranians decide to move to Colorado, but everyone’s reason is different. Some people might be looking for better job opportunities. Others may want to move to a place where they can have a healthy open-air lifestyle. Regardless of your reason, before moving, it would be best to start with a simple checklist. For example, here are some of the things you can put on your list:

  • Be closer to mountains
  • Have a healthier lifestyle
  • Live in an environment that reduces stress and promotes adventuring
  • Be near friends and family
  • Have an easier time getting outdoors and exploring the countryside

It’s essential to find a location that can realize the lifestyle you’re looking to have. Regardless of the place you choose, our Denver long-distance movers can get you there without any issue whatsoever!

However, if you’ve never visited or lived in Colorado before, there may be several things you don’t know. Don’t reach the state with our cross-country movers in Denver, only to be surprised with what the state has to offer. Here are ten things you can expect when you’re moving to Colorado:

Dry Atmosphere

Colorado’s air is significantly dry. You may have to moisturize your skin more frequently and constantly look out for sore throats and nosebleeds.

It’s may also be necessary to drink more water than you usually do. When you’re in the Rocky Mountains, it’s considerably easier to get dehydrated. However, drinking plenty may help you prevent altitude sickness. Another good idea (oh, Denver is dry) is to invest in a humidifier to avoid skin irritation due to dryness.

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Adapting to Altitudes Takes Time

Everyplace in Colorado comes with an elevation change. Whenever and wherever you’re moving, you’re always either ascending or descending. Some common altitude sickness symptoms are similar to the flu, like headaches, fatigue, nausea, and dizziness.

You have to take care and ensure that you slowly adjust to the altitude. Take some time to rest and make sure you don’t exhaust yourself.


Cannabis Culture

Purchasing and selling marijuana may be a typical sight depending on the city you choose to live in. The marijuana culture is doing well since Amendment 64 legalized its recreational use. It isn’t taboo, and you might likely find your neighbors, friends, and even some family members occasionally purchasing it and offering some to you.

Several cities like Colorado Springs do not allow the recreational sale of marijuana within their limits, only through medical marijuana outlets. It might be helpful to consider this before choosing the place you want to live in and hiring long-distance moving companies in Denver.

Quickly Changing Weather

The climate in Colorado can change in a moment’s breath. While one day you’re wearing shorts because it’s hot, the next one may require you to wear thick clothing because there are spots of snow. It’s essential to be mindful of the weather between the fall and winter seasons as it can change quite quickly.

Try to keep an extra set of winter clothes in your car at all times and a bottle of sunscreen in your first aid kit to use whenever you need it.

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Going Green

In Colorado, it’s easy to go green thanks to the easy access to renewable energies such as solar power. You can even (and I know people who have done that) go entirely off the grid as long as you can budget enough to invest in such a system. The state also encourages a healthy lifestyle, with many outdoor activities you can enjoy.

Expensive Housing Market

The Colorado housing market is significantly costly. There are incredibly high demand and low supply, with a quarter of a million people moving into the state each year. Finding an adequate apartment to rent is quite challenging, and you can even lose a home you recently saw if you fail to place an offer soon. If you recently started looking for a place, it might still be quite some time before you hire our trusted Denver movers.

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Expanding Job Growth and Services

With the influx of people, the cities of Colorado are constantly growing and expanding more than ever. This results in many more jobs and services available to the state’s residents.

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Constantly Rising Traffic and Crowds

As the Denver cities and towns grow in population, infrastructure continues to replace nature at an alarming rate. The population increase leads to denser crowds and more road traffic, which results in longer commutes. Trash and pollution also start to mount.

Welcoming Community

It’s easy to make new acquaintances and become a part of the community due to Colorado’s many outdoor activities and general adventuring mindset. The residents offer a proper welcome and immediately include you in their many events and happenings.

One of the Most Desirable States to Live In

Recent surveys show that the Centennial State is one of the most desirable states to live in, and it doesn’t go without reason. Lonely Planet also designated Denver as one of the best travel destinations worldwide. The moment you figure out the place in Denver you want to live in, contact The Denver Moving Companies and get our long-distance movers to handle your move expertly.

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