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Comprehensive Long Distance Moves with Relocation Masters

Creating your best moving services requires a reputable moving company in Westminster, CO, because trekking across state lines in your moving truck, taking on the packing process, and dealing with all the other more tedious details of relocation and storage solutions is a significant task without the proper support with legitimate Westminster moving companies!

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long distance move to westminster coFinding the Perfect Long-Distance Movers in Westminster, CO

Searching for the best interstate moving companies to help you get to Westminster, CO, or anywhere throughout the Centennial State will mean doing some of your homework.

Moving services and the overall moving process involve a lot of different puzzle pieces, all of which need to remain cohesive to ensure everything proceeds without unnecessary hiccups or disruptions.

While many people are searching for the cheapest long-distance moving options, choosing long-distance movers that can cater to your set of wants and needs is an essential priority to focus on as you begin your search efforts!

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Requesting Your Moving Estimates from Local Moving Companies

The first step to starting your move begins with requesting a moving quote from interstate moving companies in Westminster, CO.

The Denver Moving Company will happily provide free estimates on moving services, even if you only go a short distance or inquire about commercial moves.

All interstate moves are approached differently by moving companies; they all have their morals, values, and priorities. 

Your complimentary moving cost estimate should provide a complete breakdown and itemization of all potential charges for your move – from packing materials and debris removal possibilities to your general inventory and line haul assessment.

Digging deeper into long-distance moves, request more than one or two moving estimates to compare each option to your budget and evaluate your experience with the local moving company in Westminster, CO.

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Legitimate Long-Distance Moving Companies Vs. Moving Broker

The moving process for a long-distance moving company in Westminster, CO, is something they are highly experienced with. 

Still, some businesses will pose as fully licensed moving services when, in fact, they are just a moving broker.

Various movers from state to state have heard the same tune from clients about their experience with long-distance moves with broker companies, and while they are not all bad, the large majority are.

As you are gaining estimates for your relocation endeavors, be sure to ask questions and keep your eye out for any of the following signs:

  • Search both their DOT number and MC number to see if they are using trucks for transportation from state to state.
  • Check out reviews from other valued customers and people who have previously interacted with the company to see what they say about their experience.
  • Visit the Better Business Bureau website for all the stats and details; this should quickly unveil whether or not you are working with a legitimate mover or broker.
  • If you feel they are offering a moving estimate that is too good to be true, it usually is, and they will likely want a remarkably high deposit as well.
  • Does the company or van lines business offer an in-home or virtual estimate? Typically, brokers will offer an estimate over the phone, which doesn’t allow them to be as accurate as local moving companies.

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Keeping Your Move Across State Lines Simple with Westminster Movers

Don’t allow your long-distance or local move to bog down your mood, even if you are helping a family member get to Westminster, CO; heading across state lines doesn’t need to be complex.

Our last minute movers are dedicated to supplying all residential and commercial customers with a long-distance moving experience that enhances their lives and remains stress-free!

Our long-distance movers are licensed and experienced professionals, and serving the average homeowner or business owner in Colorado and across the country with exemplary residential and office moving is what we do!

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PREPARE FOR MOVEWhat to Expect with Long-Distance Moving Services

Whether you are well-seasoned with many moves or have never experienced a long-distance move, furniture movers in Westminster can help smooth the process.

The Denver Moving Company is a specialist in long-distance moving and local moves, so whether you are heading just over state lines or within the same state and metro area, you can expect great service throughout the entire process.

Leave those horror stories in the past and look to the future as our moving and packing services will get you and your heavy furniture to its new location while surpassing your moving needs.

one day before move faq

Before Your Move In Day

Many factors go into moving to a new home in Westminster, CO, but if you want to be as efficient as possible, lean on your long-distance mover and ensure your home is adequately prepped for the big day.

When most people hire movers, it’s logical to think that the moving crew will take care of every detail, but there are still a few things you will want to be prepared for:

  • Update your insurance policies, electric, gas, water, internet, and any memberships you currently pay for.
  • Submit a change of address form to USPS before your long-distance move!
  • Begin decluttering and downsizing so you are ready for the long-distance moving crew or van lines company to come in and wrap and pack your belongings.
  • Check in with primary caregivers, schools, and other specialty services to update your address and attempt to transfer to your new home.
  • Ensure you have sorted out insurance for your state-to-state moves; you have three main options: full value protection, released value protection, and third-party services.

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Determining Your Moving Specialists for Personal and Commercial Moves

Confirming who will be providing your moving services is another must-do.

Most residential relocation needs should be met a few months in advance. 

Our long-distance movers will always do their best to accommodate clients in all circumstances.

day of moving tips

The Moving Day with Westminster Movers

On your moving date, take your time with everything as you transition to your new life and house in Colorado.

Luckily, your Westminster movers can do all the hard work for you!

On the day of your long-distance moving experience, try to manage the following:

  • Wake up early so you aren’t in a rush when your long-distance movers arrive.
  • Double-check all paperwork your moving companies provide on the big day and read thoroughly before signing.
  • Consider ordering pizza and snacks or keeping things simple.
  • Complete your final walk-through with the movers to ensure everything is noticed!
  • Remember to complete all the final cleaning and finishing touches upon moving out.
packing westminister co
Sofa packing service in moving warehouse

multiple long distance moving boxesPacking Process

Moving supplies is one of the most important aspects of packing carefully, aside from your long-distance movers being extremely careful throughout their procedures.

Your long-distance move packing services should exceed any typical or average rating; aim for exceeded expectations and complete satisfaction!

FULL-SERVICE Packing and Partial Packing Options

When you are relocating with professional packers and movers at The Denver Moving Company, you can expect the following for your new home:

  • Full Packing entails your long-distance movers packing up all of your belongings, furniture, and anything that you are bringing with you! This includes loading, disassembly, transit, unloading, and reassembly.
  • A Partial Pack job comprises only part of your belongings, and you can determine how much or how little that needs to be for your long-distance moving experience.
  • Specialty Packing, sometimes furniture items or belongings, requires special attention before boarding a truck across the country. While all your household goods are unique, some require extra attention and custom packing procedures. Our long-distance movers are experienced in packing and offer specialty packing options for high-value, bulky, and fragile items!

movers in transition

packing and storage westminsterTransit with Professional Movers

Long-distance relocations can feel like this giant, overwhelming task, and with all the physical, emotional, and mental elements that come along with it – it can start to feel even more extensive than your mind has made it.

The transit process depends on which professional movers you are working with, and obviously, long-distance moving has very different timelines than if you were completing local moving services.

The Denver Moving Company is committed to the quickest and most efficient moving services and will always prioritize transporting household goods as quickly and safely as possible with our local movers in Westminster, CO.

Sometimes, your movers or van lines will have arrived early, but no matter what – a high-quality customer care team guarantees constant communication for any changes during transit and projected delivery information and answers any questions you may have.

storage warehouse in westminister

moving coordinatorRelocation and Storage Company Options

No one can see into the future, but sometimes the first night at your new place sometimes goes differently than planned, and if the unexpected occurs, having legitimate moving and storage companies is not only important, it’s critical.

While storage may not have been a part of the plans, our Westminster movers offer elite storage service options available:

  • Short-term storage is available with pro-rated payment solutions, and the first 30 days are included!
  • Long-term storage is also an option if you need to extend your stay.
  • Secure storage facilities.
  • Climate-controlled warehouse.
  • Individual storage units.

move night checklist

Delivery & First Night Box Checklist in Westminster, CO

The first night in Westminster, CO, is exciting as long as you are prepared.

Traveling across the country with packers and moving experts can take a little time; therefore, it’s always a good idea to have your go-bag with you!

The delivery process and unloading into your new house is typically easy when you hire professional and experienced movers in Westminster, CO.

But, before your long-distance movers arrive, be sure you have a box or bag set aside with all your daily essentials so you don’t need to run out to the store time and time again for something else – keeping the transition simple and stress-free.

checklistThe Unpacking Procedures with Long-Distance Moving Companies

If there is one thing that you probably don’t want to think about following a long-distance move, it is the unpacking and debris removal process.

Access to reputable delivery services is terrific, but unpacking it all feels a little different.

The Denver Moving Company are movers that pack for you and can offer unpacking; it doesn’t get much better!

moving process
“Honey, the movers are here!”

The Denver Moving Company – The Go-To Experts for Long-Distance and Local Moves in Westminster, CO

Westminster is one of the best states in America; you can access many new things, outdoor experiences, different people, and many fantastic opportunities.

But there is no use getting hyped up about your travels and transition without the right crew of long-distance movers by your side.

The Denver Moving Company offers dependable relocation services, premium packing options, storage solutions, a genuine customer care team, and licensed drivers and crews – which form an army of people who have your back in Colorado.

Set Out on Seamless State-to-State Relocation

While there are many interstate moving companies to choose from and hire, only one in the Mile High State has been reaching a mile higher than the rest – The Denver Moving Company.

Don’t continue to procrastinate; put your fears away, and reach out to our movers for a free moving quote and consultation whether you are ready to relocate to Westminster from across the country, long-distance or locally!

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Frequently Asked Questions for Your Upcoming Interstate Move

What is the average cost of an interstate move?

The cost to hire movers is a significant part of determining who will complete your service but it shouldn’t take over your decision.

With short-distance movers, the rates are usually developed per hour. 

For long-distance movers, the charges are developed by volume or weight and should be reviewed upon gaining your initial estimate and again on your move date.

The average cost of a move in America can range from $2,500 to $6,800, but remember that many factors will influence your final costs and money spent towards your long-distance moving company.

rent a truck or hire movers

understanding local moving clients in denver coloradoIs it easier to get a truck rental versus hiring long-distance moving companies?

COVID-19 seemed to spark a frenzy of DIY services and people throughout the country discovering their abilities, from home remodeling to cooking, building, and more!

While one person’s DIY project inspired another, you cannot truly hone your service craft without continued experience.

Moving truck rental is an obvious option when relocating to Colorado, but it will not compare to hiring licensed movers.

When you are renting a truck, you have to consider the following:

  • You complete all the labor and service needed to get to the other side.
  • You will pay for the truck rental, gas, insurance, tolls, hotel stays, packing materials, etc.
  • You don’t have the expertise that movers with van lines and moving services can bring to your life.
  • You must locate your facility and offload it into the unit if you need storage.
  • You don’t have the safety net that professionals with reliable relocation insurance options can provide when in transit to your new place.

get moving insurance in westminister co

Can I purchase additional moving insurance with my moving company in Westminster, Colorado?

Federal laws per the Department of Transportation require moving companies to carry general liability and full value protection for customers when relocating locally or long-distance.

Speaking with your movers and packers about their relocation insurance service options can give you a better idea of what will work best for you and your moving needs.

choose the best movers in westminister co

wonderingWhat are hidden fees during a long-distance moving experience?

As you get moving estimates, one may assume there won’t be any surprises further down the line.

But on some occasions, there are instances where you will experience a moving business that is not upfront about additional charges.

The Denver Moving Company in Westminster, CO, is entirely transparent about all charges that may be incurred during the duration of your move:

  • Stair Fees: while most moving companies will include the first set of stairs with your relocation project, any additional flights will be charged according to what the contract specifies.
  • Elevator Fees: When you are working with apartment movers, be sure to ask about any elevator fees or other service needs. Most relocation specialists will charge a flat rate fee for elevator use.
  • Shuttle Fees: This may be required when a full-size semi or truck cannot access your pick-up or delivery location. This job is charged according to your total volume or weight and should be assessed upon booking.
  • Long-Carry Charges: Moving crews will always park as close to your home or apartment as possible but provide a certain carry length in their contracts. If your belongings must be carried further to enter the entryway, they will generally charge by foot.

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A little bit about Westminster, Colorado

The city of Westminster is a gem in Colorado, being only approximately 10 miles from the Mile High City itself and an hour from the start of the foothills and some of the most infamous state park options across America.

Westminster, CO, is where its residents find happiness; you have a close-knit community, delicious cafes, restaurants, dessert shops, etc.

It is a great place to raise your family, begin new professional endeavors, or soak in a change of scenery with the Rocky Mountains.

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