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Packing Supplies

packing supplies

Packing Supplies

Sometimes people think the only moving supplies they need to buy for packing are regular cardboard boxes and nothing else, but they are far wrong. When you are making the list of every item you need to transport to your new home, you realize there are many other materials you have to buy to start packing your stuff, such as bubble wrap to avoid your fragile items to break and packing tape to make sure your boxes do not fall apart. These packing supplies are essential, especially when you have to do long-distance moving. 

There are many other moving supplies you must keep in mind when you are moving. How do you know what moving supplies you need to buy and why are they necessary? 

Take notes! Here we give you the ultimate list of moving supplies, so keep reading for you to learn each one of them.

Type of Moving Boxes

Small Box

You can use this type of boxes for carrying small heavy, such as books, kitchen items, and tools. These boxes are very light, you don’t have to worry about the weight because they fill up before they become too heavy. Small boxes are also useful to separate valuable and delicate items from others.

Legal Box

This type of box can serve a double purpose. They can be used for what they were meant to be used, which is carrying files with legal and personal documents, books, notebooks, etc. But you can also use them to carry small items like toys, movie/videogame cases, electronic products, cables, and also office items such as pencils, markers, staplers, etc.

Medium Box

These are almost the same sizes as the legal boxes, but you can fill them with heavier items because of their hardness. Medium-size boxes are perfect to pack small household objects such as kitchen clocks, your toaster, your blender, coffee makers, mixing bowls, Tupperware bowls, and many other household objects.

Large Box

People believe these boxes are better to carry heavy objects, but do you believe us if we tell you they are not? That’s right, you can use large boxes to carry big lightweight items. They are ideal to carry bulky items such as lampshades, board games, stereo speakers, pillows, towels, gaming consoles, PCs, etc.

Extra Large Box

Just like the large box, this one is designed for lightweight items. The extra large-size box is ideal to pack large bulky items; the big dimensions of this type of box make it perfect for packing bedroom items such as comforters, pillows, seasonal clothing, towels, and linens. The dimensions of these boxes are 24 inches wide x 18 inches long and 24 inches deep.

Dish Pack Box

Dish pack boxes are about the same size as the medium-size boxes, around 5.2 cubic feet, but what is special about these boxes is they are double-walled for extra protection. You can use them to pack extra-fragile items such as your dishes, little porcelain ornaments, and other glassware.

Lamp Box

Lamp boxes come in different sizes and shapes, some of them are larger and thin, and others like table lamp boxes are smaller and thicker. You can use the larger boxes to transport items like carpets, curtains, and any long fabric item you can roll to fit in the box; or its corresponding lamp. You can use the smaller boxes to carry small household items, as their dimensions are almost the same as the medium-size box; or you can use them to carry its corresponding lamp of course.

Wardrobe Box

As its name says, you can use the wardrobe box to pack your clothing straight from the closet into the box, you can keep your clothing raised with hooks thanks to the 24-inch bar the box includes. The wardrobe box is ideal for shirts, coats, pants, dresses, and longer garments.

Mattress Boxes

If you are doing long-distance moving and you need to transport your mattress, is essential you buy a mattress box. Mattress boxes come in different sizes depending on your type of mattress. Before you buy one you need to know what type of mattress you dispose of (Crib, Twin, Full, Double, Queen, King, California King). Having a mattress box is very helpful to protect your mattress. Otherwise, it would get dirty or ripped. However, if you dispose of a mattress box, but you do not want to transport your mattress, you can use it to move large and thin items, such as carpets or comforters and liners.

TV boxes can have any other uses depending on the size of their corresponding dispositive if you are not using them to transport its corresponding TV. The smaller size range of TVs (from 19″ to 32″) has very thin boxes, so you can use them to pack any small items; if you have a PC you can use it to transport your monitor and components, such as the cables, keyboard, mouse, and also any other tech items. However, from a medium TV size range (from 37″ to 55″) to a bigger TV size range (from 60″ to 70″) you can use their boxes to pack some medium size lightweight items, such as comforters and linens, and small household items.

Unlike the rest of the boxes from the list, mirror boxes are very thin and cannot carry items too thick. They are designed to carry very thin and fragile objects inside, most of their space is occupied in bubble wrap and microfoam sheet foam to protect the item inside from breaking or getting scratched. You can use them to transport mirrors, dishes, small porcelain or glass ornament, picture frames, paintings, or any other fragile item.

Tapes & Dispensers

Stretch Wrap

Bubble Wrap

Newsprint Paper

Microfoam & Peanuts

Mattress Bags

Moving Pads

Packing Materials

What moving supplies you have to buy before start packing? And how do I know that I need to buy that material? It’s very simple! In addition to boxes, you should start thinking about how to protect your items, for example, you have to buy some microfoam sheet foam to protect items from getting scratched, such as TV/monitor screens, mirrors, and frames. 

Imagine you arrive at your new home, and when you open the boxes every glass or porcelain ornament is broken. To avoid that you must buy bubble wrap to cover the entire item and protect it from any impacts, and also biodegradable packing peanuts, to fill the empty spaces in the box and protect your products from strong movements and impacts. To protect your dishes from any dirt and dust, you must buy packing paper and cover your items with it.

Last but not least! A very common case in many movings is that the boxes open from the bottom. To avoid this, you must buy tape to seal the boxes and also stretch wrap for some extra protection. If you didn’t buy any one of those, ask your packers and movers and you could rent the equipment.

Now you are ready to buy everything you need to pack your items and start moving with long-distance movers in Denver!

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