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Office Move: Prepare With Denver Movers

Congratulations! Your company is expanding and growing, which means it is time to find a larger office or a new facility.

This is an exciting time, and to accommodate your growing business, you need to find a larger space for new projects, additional employees, or to expand your national reach.

Whatever the case, you need to move from one location to the next – and you cannot move all those boxes, office chairs, and heavy equipment on your own.

Finding the best office movers is only one piece of the puzzle; you must also consider the logistics of relocating offices and your staff and informing your clients about your new location.

Here is the definitive guide to planning and executing a successful Denver office relocation:

office relocation checklist

Timing is Everything When Planning a Downtown Denver Office Relocation

Whether you are moving out of state or across Denver, planning a successful residential or commercial relocation requires you to stay organized, find the right office moving companies, and, of course, time out everything perfectly.

Your current office must be emptied, you need to inform your clients and staff, and most importantly, you must find a full-service moving company that can offer you all the services you need, from storage services to packing materials, custom crating, and packing services.

Before you get too overwhelmed, here is a multi-step timeline to assist you in planning a stress-free office move:

A Simple, Step-by-Step Office Relocation Checklist

Are you ready to get started planning the ultimate, easy-to-follow, no-worry office relocation?

office workspaceSix Months – Look for a New Office Space

Always look for a replacement office, and instead, start the journey at least six months before your intended move date.

Consider the new office’s floor plan, the dimensions of the new space, and your needs in the future.

Remember, you will inevitably expand your operations again, so do not rent a space that works for you now – rent a space that will work for you in five years, ten years, or even 20 years from now.

Depending on your needs, there are other key features you may require in your new office location, including:

  • Warehousing solutions
  • Storage solutions
  • Adequate space for corporate and one-on-one meetings
  • Suitable parking
  • Suitable HVAC and utilities for your needs – both now and in the future

Begin working with an interior designer immediately after you secure your new space.

This will ensure you maximize the new floor plan and create a harmonious, positive workflow.

office move people lifting boxes

checklistThree Months – Work With Your Employees to Create a “To Do” List

Getting your employees involved in the office move is critical for many reasons.

One of the main reasons is that your employees are the only other people who understand the needs of your business, and they are integral in your overall office move planning.

Here are a few essential to-dos to include on your office moving list:

  • Start researching business movers
  • Take an inventory of everything – From office furniture to electronics and office supplies
  • Start pricing new furniture and equipment for the larger space
  • Research new providers in your new office’s location – including internet providers

Planning a cross-country move: Ask your employees for office moving company referrals!

moving company packing boxTwo Months – Start Packing and Price Office Moving Services

Now comes the fun part – You get to start packing all your office equipment and supplies.

Alright, admittedly, this isn’t actually fun – but luckily, you have a staff that is ready and willing to help.

Make sure to gather all the necessary moving supplies prior to packing, as this will save you a lot of time and money.

In most cases, the purchasing process is straightforward, and you will not need to buy any specialized materials or products – Instead, purchase everything you would use to pack up and relocate your own residence, including:

Work with your employees to create a packing schedule.

Research local and long-distance moving companies in Denver that can help you plan and execute your office move.

Remember, not every moving company is an office mover – so make sure to inquire about what services the team offers, in addition to considering the price and your moving schedule.

utility servicesOne Month – Swap Over Your Utilities and Update Your Office Address

Start the process of turning off the utilities in your current office and turning on the water, power, and internet in your new location.

Update your website to your new address and phone number, and let your customers know that you will be moving offices shortly.

(Don’t worry; some additional tips about informing your clients and customers will be provided later!)

Take this opportunity to make any further move-related purchases and schedule to have them delivered to your new commercial location.

new office move

office planOne Week – Perform a Final Walk Through of the New Office Space

The time is fast approaching, and it is time to take a final walk-through of your new commercial space with the building managers.

If you’ve ever moved into a new apartment, you know certain boxes need to be checked and steps you need to take to protect yourself from any future liability.

For example, check out the electrical, HVAC, and water – Are there any issues that need to be addressed before you move in, such as faulty outlets or leaking faucets?

Take several pictures of the facility, from the flooring and the walls to the office kitchen, to protect yourself if you relocate and there is damage you did not make.

employeesFormulate a Moving Plan With Your Employees Needs in Mind

Your employees always do an excellent job, and you want to ensure they remain heard and understood throughout the stressful moving process.

Start by providing all your employees with formal letters of your intention to move office spaces.

Next, give your staff a general timeline of your move and every step going forward – from hiring a moving team to your expected move-in date to the new building.

Work with your employees and be available to answer any questions. This is particularly important if you are moving your offices several miles away from your current location.

Be aware the new location might not be accessible or feasible to all your employees, and anticipate some turnover.

If your employees are reluctant, remind them of the perks of being in a more modern, updated, and larger space than the small office where you currently reside.

clientsTalking Your Clients Through the Proposed Relocation From Your Englewood Offices

Your employees won’t be the only people impacted by your relocation – You must also keep your clients’ and customers’ needs and interests in mind.

The correct strategy depends on several factors, including the size of your clientele, your typical form of communication, and the client’s significance.

For example, if you have a vast clientele and customer base, draft an email and notify them of the proposed move several months before the intended moving date.

Craft a press release and distribute it on social media.

Update your website ASAP to inform clients you are moving, where, and the date.

Call important clients personally to inform them of the upcoming office move – This is a sign of respect and lets your most valued customers and clients know they are essential.

decommissoioned office

Create a Decommissioning Plan for Your Denver Tech Center (DTC) Office Space

Cleaning your current office is critical, but even if you are on a tight budget, you need to formulate a decommissioning plan.

A decommissioning plan goes above and beyond cleaning, and instead, you will remove any trace that you were even in the space, effectively returning the office to its original form.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of time or excitement for the move ahead, many business owners overlook the importance of drafting and following a decommissioning plan.

You can outsource the decommissioning of your current office, which is often feasible if you are under a serious time crunch.

Otherwise, here is a simple step-by-step guide to help you quickly and efficiently decommission your office before a commercial move:

property managerUnderstand the Property Manager’s Expectations

Refer to your lease or contact the property manager to determine their expectations and meet your lease’s requirements.

For example, the management company may require you to hire professionals to clean and sanitize the office, while another may allow you and your staff to perform any necessary duties.

Discuss any expectations about the office’s condition, repairs, and when you need to remove any and all equipment.

If there are several expectations or the management does not have any requirements, it is important to return the office as close to its original state as possible to receive your security deposit.

calendarWhat Is Your Timeline?

Formulate a timeline based on the size of your office, the timeline of your office movers, and when you expect to move into your new office space.

Coordinate your schedule, employee’s, and contractor’s schedules if you are outsourcing the cleaning and repairs.

Be aware that restoring the space completely can take three to six months or longer, so be prepared for decommissioning not to be an overnight operation.

cleaning office

cleanerClean, Clean, and Clean Even More

As you relocate boxes and furniture and move the personal effects of your employees out of the space, take the time to clean as you go.

In addition to shampooing carpets and cleaning out the company refrigerator in the kitchen, don’t forget to tackle these chores:

  • Clean the windows – Both inside and out.
  • Dust all exhaust fans and vents.
  • Sanitize inside and below bathroom sinks.
  • Clean blinds and remove cobwebs.

expensiveLiquidate Furniture, Electronics, and Equipment

An office warehouse sale is a great way to not only earn extra money to put toward the moving costs but also liquidate any assets that are outdated or will not serve you in the new facility.

As with any residential relocation, divide your equipment and office furniture into three categories: Keep, sell/donate, and throw away.

Are you moving from DTC or relocating your office and need to plan a comprehensive interstate move – The Denver Moving Companies team has your back!

moving boxThe Work Doesn’t Need to Stop: Tips for Remaining Productive With Minimal Disruption While Relocating Offices

You’ve found the perfect new space and the ideal office moving service, and you cannot wait to expand your business – there is only one problem: How do you remain productive during office moves?

Don’t worry about office productivity; instead, follow these tips:

  • Pack during the off-hours: Hiring office movers who offer packing services – Ask them to pack up your equipment and supplies in the off-hours, such as after the workday is complete or on weekends.
  • Save packing integral equipment until the end: Do you own a small production company and still have deadlines – Leave packing up the essential equipment until the last days before the movers arrive.
  • Encourage staff morale: Provide incentives for workers who go above and beyond, allow some employees to work remotely, or even give the employees a few days off while you decommission the space and find movers.

Are you still looking for the right company that meets all your moving needs?

Here are a few reasons why you should work with moving companies directly rather than through third-party moving brokers.

full service movers

Finding the Right Commercial Moving Company For Your Needs and Budget

If you’ve ever hired residential movers, finding the right commercial moving company is very similar – but there are key differences to keep in mind.

Commercial movers specialize in safely relocating specialized equipment, from water coolers and fax machines to massive printers or even construction equipment.

Consider your needs and look for a commercial company that provides comprehensive services, from packing to storing office furniture.

You could scour the internet for days or save some precious time and hire the pros at Denver Moving Companies.

Unlike other office moving companies, we have the tools, equipment, expertise, and know-how to safely and quickly relocate your office – whether you are moving to Englewood or moving to Aurora.

cheapestSave Money On Your Commercial Moving Costs

Creating a moving budget is complicated, especially if you are planning a massive commercial relocation.

As with a residential move, there are ways to formulate a budget that will work for you – Here are a few tips to help you save money on your business move:

  • Move during the off-season: Plan a relocation during late fall, winter, or early spring, as the prices are lower because the demand is simply not there.
  • Shop around for the best price: Ask for comprehensive moving quotes from at least three to four providers in the Denver area.
  • Understand the difference between long-distance and local moves: Local movers almost always charge by the hour, while long-distance relocation providers charge by the mile and the cubic feet or weight of your belongings.

Did you know you can negotiate with moving companies to obtain a better price?

stress free moving team

Planning an Inner-City Office Relocation? It Doesn’t Have to Be as Expensive or Difficult As You Think!

Have you found the best office space in Denver and need to plan a quick move?

Look no further than the pros at Denver City Movers – we are the only office mover in town that can help you load and unload all your precious cargo in a matter of hours!

Whether you are moving a single office or need to relocate multiple office spaces, our stellar moving crew can help you organize your relocation without breaking the bank.

If you are considering relocating to the Denver City Center or have the perfect office on 16th Ave, we can provide you with several tips before moving to Colorado!

long distance relocation

Packing and Preparing For Your Glendale Long-Distance Office Move

Moving long distances under the best circumstances can be a logistical nightmare.

Unfortunately, the issues are only compounded when relocating a massive office.

Luckily, with the right preparation and the help of a stellar moving company, it is possible to plan a seamless transition from Glendale to the DC Metro Area, San Francisco, or anywhere in the US:

packing servicesProper Labeling is Important

Use a color-coded system to label boxes.

For example, green labels could denote office supplies, while yellow labels could be used to ensure kitchen gadgets make their way into the right area.

Place the labels on the side or top of the box, and don’t forget to label electronics as “Fragile.”

moving blanketProtect Your Office Furniture From Unnecessary Damage

Don’t want to spend a small fortune on new office furniture?

Using moving blankets, your Denver movers will prevent scrapes, scratches, dings, and tears.

They will secure the blankets with packing tape and label all the furniture to ensure it gets to the correct location.

Here’s a pro tip: Many moving companies can bundle furniture blankets into your moving quote, saving you even more money.

Using furniture blankets instead of bubble wrap is also an economical way to plan an eco-friendly move!

sensitive documentProtecting the Privacy of Your Highland Clients: Tips for Transporting Sensitive Documents

Take the extra steps to protect all sensitive information – Both physical and electronic copies.

  • Password protect and encrypt all sensitive documents.
  • Backup client files on external hard drives and pack the hard drives separately.
  • Pack sensitive paperwork and hard drives with bubble wrap in separate plastic bins.
  • Maintain a steady chain of custody to ensure no outsiders can access the documents.

Moving Your Office in Winter vs. Summer: Which is Better?

It’s a conundrum as old as time: Should I move in winter and save money or avoid the inclement Denver weather and move during the summer?

Moving in the winter is cheaper, but you must take the proper precautions to protect your office goods and spaces.

Watch the weather forecast, keep rock salt or deicer handy, and provide shoe covers to your moving crew to prevent damaging the floors.

The conditions in summer are more favorable, but you will pay a premium for the clear skies and pleasant temperatures.

Shopping around for the best price, moving mid-week instead of during the weekend, and purchasing bulk moving supplies are all straightforward ways to save big, even during the hectic summer moving season.

new office look

Furniture Installation and Decorating Your New Office: Tips to Reinvent Your Company’s Look

Now comes the fun part: Decorating your bright, shiny new offices!

You’re not much of an interior decorator and could use all the help you can get.

Here are a few ways to maximize the space in your office while making it inviting for established and potential clients and customers:

  • Opt for open workspaces: Forget cubicles and, instead, allow the space to flow by setting up desks and tables in space-saving configurations.
  • Purchase space-saving furniture: Standing desks are great for your worker’s morale and health and take up less room.
  • Minimalism is key: Adopt sleek, modern lines and key decorative pieces to make the office seem both inviting and on the cutting edge.

Are you moving from Boulder or need more information on one of the best cities in Colorado to call home or start a business? Our team can help you plan every aspect of your relocation.

moving faqs

Our Customers Also Ask

cost of movingHow do you estimate the cost of moving an office?

Your moving company can help you estimate the overall cost of your relocation, depending on several factors, including:

  • Your move’s distance
  • Weight and cubic feet of your belongings
  • The crew size
  • Amount of time it takes to complete the move
  • Additional fees – including stair fees and overweight fees

self packingHow do you move offices efficiently?

Start packing early, get your whole team involved, color code your boxes, outsource your decommissioning and cleaning needs, understand your storage needs, minimize your staff’s downtime, and offer incentives to help move the process along.

moving coordinatorHow do you organize a company move?

Your staff’s assistance is integral, but you don’t want too many opinions clouding the process.

Instead, appoint a moving coordinator, such as the head of your human resources department or a moving company representative.

A coordinator can help relay information, make sure everyone stays on track, and prevent any mishaps before they occur.

office announcementHow do you announce an office move?

A personalized announcement is always the best tactic – Thank everyone for their service, let them know their place in the company is valued, and whatever you do, do not put off announcing the move until the last minute.

Instead, tell your employees, staff, and clients at least two to three months before the proposed moving date.

calendarWhat day is the cheapest to hire movers?

Avoid unnecessary costs by moving during the week, from Monday to Thursday.

Moving companies are not busy, meaning they are more willing to offer you a great deal!

unsureHow do I start office moving planning?

Start simple by formulating a budget, understanding your needs, and finding the right moving company.

Determine which services you want to outsource, including packing, cleaning, and organizing, and which you want to handle internally.

office moveWhat are office relocation services?

Office or corporate relocation services provide flexibility, options, and a way to successfully plan your move without causing undue stress on your staff.

An office relocation provider can help you plan every aspect of your move, from picking the perfect moving date to packing, shipping, storage, and safely moving your office furniture and equipment from Point A to Point B.

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