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Moving To San Diego From Colorado

Many people seem to be migrating over to the west coast from Colorado. There are so many beautiful places to plant yourself in California, but San Diego has grown in popularity over the years. It is rich in history and provides a welcoming atmosphere for transplants and visitors. Many Coloradans have been making a move to San Diego for different reasons and aspirations but have rooted themselves in the city.

Denver Movers and various moving companies have been completing moves from Denver to San Diego more and more frequently. So…what is life like in Southern California? San Diego is a beautiful city, but there are also downsides to making a move. If you are trying to decide on making the trip to San Diego from Colorado, it may be hard to leave the Rocky Mountains, but here are some pros and cons that may assist you…

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Pros of Living in San Diego, CA

The Environment & Weather is Heavenly

San Diego, CA, is a desirable city in America and one of the most popular in the bay area. It is a beautiful city with access to the beach and forests. The weather is truly to die for! Year-round, San Diego sits between 60-70 degrees. It is a great place to be outside and explore. With that kind of weather, you have no excuses. The sun shines bright on the Bay area, and although there is sometimes rain, it is seldom you will experience it often. Colorado has quite a bit of sun and sits a mile higher, but the snow and cold winters can sometimes be challenging to get through. San Diego sits at sea level but provides pleasant temperatures all year long!

There is a plethora of things to do in San Diego. The great outdoors is calling! You can access beautiful beaches, stunning sea caves, biking, mountain hiking, biking, and the lovely San Diego Bay. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, this is a place where adventure awaits.

There are many outdoor activities, from speed boating to paragliding; many options exist. Beauty sits in every direction, and it is hard not to melt during sunsets. If you want to get away, the San Diego airport sits on the outskirts of the city, and although it is certainly much smaller than Denver International airport, it is convenient for travel. The environment lends itself to you. Between the perfect weather and the gorgeous beaches, San Diego lives up to its nickname, “America’s Finest City.”

The Food is Delicious

If you are a foodie or a picky eater, San Diego has it all regarding food. There are approximately 7100 restaurants in the area. There are plenty of options to choose from! California has been voted as the 6th best food in America. Denver comes in as a close second, as the 7th best. These cities are undoubtedly comparable but also vastly different.

San Diego takes its food inspiration from its surroundings, and with Mexico being close by…taco Tuesday is every day of the week! Tacos are a big deal in San Diego, CA. From taco trucks to fine dining, you can truly find any type of taco you would like.

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It is a coastal city, so fish is a typical cuisine, and access to fresh foods inspires all kinds of dishes. Don’t eat meat? Don’t worry! There are tons of vegan restaurants to visit. Denver has its fair share of options, so it is nice to know those options will remain available if you are making a move.

The Arts and Music Scene is Endless

Food is not the only thing that is taken seriously. The arts and music scene in San Diego rolls deep. From the underground to the mainstream, there are plenty of opportunities for artists and musicians in the area. There is also plenty of art museums and galleries to visit. Similar to Denver, creativity is something that is highly valued.

WNDR and the San Diego Museum of Art are some of the more prominent art museums in the area. There are 17 major art museums to choose from and even more local galleries. The historic House of Blues San Diego sits in the heart of the city and is truly a magical place to experience a concert. There are venues big and small, all of which provide a fabulous experience for live music.

On any given day of the week, you will hear music from downtown streets and beautiful art on buildings displayed in window shops. There is so much to do and see within the arts community and so much opportunity for artists and musicians alike.

Public Schools and Job Opportunities are Plentiful

San Diego is known for its public schools and options for higher education. It has also become a hub for tech jobs in silicon valley, along with a competitive but fruitful job market. It is a great place to raise a family, and the schools are a significant factor. San Diego has some of the best and top-rated public schools in the country. The school systems have consistently high test scores and provide the means to support children and teenagers as they find their aspirations and future career goals.

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Younger professionals are moving to San Diego to find jobs in tech or to further their careers. Major companies in the area include Qualcomm, Autoliv, and Sempra Energy. Technology and healthcare are some of the largest industries in San Diego. Small businesses are also booming! If you are an entrepreneur, there is plenty of support and success to be seen here. Jobs are available, and the market continues to grow.

San Diego, CA, is a Diverse and Cultured City

San Diego is cultured and provides a lot of diversity. It is located in SoCal, not too far from Orange county and even closer to Mexico.

A city is made of its people, and cultural diversity is seen in the Denver area. The community continues to grow and grow in diversity. There are over 1.5 million people residing in San Diego, and it is one of the largest cities in America!

Cons of Living in San Diego, CA

The Cost of Living is Horrendous

There is no way around the cost of living. Denver has had its cost of living increase gradually over the years, but it is pale in comparison. It will not be cheap if you want to live in San Diego. It has consistently been ranked as one of the most expensive cities in the US.

Denver’s cost of living has continued to rise, but there are plenty of more affordable areas in the city. There is no comparison to San Diego’s rent and home costs. If you are making the move, be prepared to dig deep.

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Homelessness is a Real Problem

Homelessness is a real-world issue that plagued America and is on the rise, most recently due to the pandemic. The Denver area has seen many areas of the city taken over by makeshift tent communities, with many people petitioning for these places to be left undisturbed.

San Diego has a significant homeless population. It is not atypical on any day to walk outside of your own home to find homeless persons on your sidewalk. This is linked to the cost of living. There is a contract between those who can live there and those who do not, which is unavoidable in San Diego and other areas of California.

You Will NEED a Car

If you want to get around conveniently in SD, you will need your mode of transportation. California has many areas where public transportation is fabulous, but this is not one of them. San Diego is not the largest city in California, so the infrastructure of transit simply isn’t available to the public.

Utilizing public transit can add hours to any commute, and the routes are not always available to all parts of the city. Cars are the primary mode of transportation, causing major parking shortages and massive traffic jams.

The Traffic is Treacherous

Traffic is the very least favorite part of everyone’s day. Denver traffic has become increasingly awful, and San Diego is no exception. The traffic is unavoidable! Cars are the main method of transportation out of necessity. Due to this and the growing population, traffic continues to worsen. This is something you will need to be prepared for with any commute.


Taxes are VERY high

The cost of living in San Diego, CA, is sky-high, and the taxes are even higher! Colorado state income tax sits at about 4.5%, and San Diego towers that at 13%. SD has some of the highest taxes in the country. This has an impact on your paychecks every month and what you can afford to live.

Property taxes are the exception, although they remain expensive. Denver’s property taxes are much lower than the national average, and although it varies per county, the average rate is .5%. SD property tax is a bit higher at .7%. These are significant factors in purchasing a home and must be considered when moving to California.

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The Good and the Bad…

There is always a little good and bad in any city, but it is up to you to decide for yourself in San Diego! Denver, CO, is a lovely but expensive place and an area that many people choose to leave. Moving companies have seen an uptick in moves out of Colorado in recent years. San Diego, CA, has become a hot spot to relocate, and Denver Movers would be happy to assist you in your journey. Moving from San Diego to Denver? We can also help!

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