How Do I Get My Money Back From a Moving Company?

how to get your moving money back

When your long-distance move goes wrong, where do you turn? Moving comes with a lot of change and stress. Dealing with a fraudulent moving company or broker company piles on unneeded stress and, sometimes, a catastrophic situation. The very last thing you need is additional worries and payments that exceed your quoted price. Finding a […]

Moving To San Diego From Colorado

moving to san diego california

Many people seem to be migrating over to the west coast from Colorado. There are so many beautiful places to plant yourself in California, but San Diego has grown in popularity over the years. It is rich in history and provides a welcoming atmosphere for transplants and visitors. Many Coloradans have been making a move […]

Arizona vs. Texas – Which move would you make?

texas vs arizona moving tips

Is Arizona or Texas more affordable? You may be considering the big move out west and are thinking about Arizona or Texas, but which is the right state for you? The Lone Star State, otherwise known as Texas, offers beautiful, rich landscapes that are excellent for farming. Also, the favorable Texas climate is something to […]

Stories From Our Long Distance Movers: Part Two

Stories From Our Long Distance Movers: Part Two

Hi, everyone! We’re back with more stories from our long-distance movers. This time, we’ve got tales of woe, love, and triumph across the country. A Story From The Owner I used to work for a very unscrupulous moving company. They would promise customers a specific delivery date but always delay the delivery without warning. This […]

Stories from Our Long-Distance Movers: Part One

Stories from Our Long-Distance Movers Part One

As a follow-up to our previous post on a recently divorced client, we wanted to share some more stories from the moving industry. These stories are from different movers, all with diverse backgrounds and experiences. But they all have one thing they can relate to a passion for helping people move. Anything Can Happen As […]

Family Matters – Why Independent Movers Are Best

family owned moving company

There are a lot of reasons why you might want to choose an independent mover when you’re moving. Perhaps you don’t want to deal with the hassle of packing and unpacking, or maybe you’re on a tight budget and would be inclined not pay for the services of a big moving company. Whatever your reasons, […]

Reasons Why You Should Avoid Moving Brokers

why don't use moving brokers

Brokers Abound! You’ll likely be contacted by many moving companies when you’re moving. However, most of these companies are actually brokers and not carriers. This means they don’t own any moving trucks or equipment themselves – they simply broker movers who will sell your move to other companies. This can be terribly unstable because if […]

Can you negotiate with moving companies?

negotiate with moving companies

Is it possible to haggle the quote with your moving company? Yes, you can save hundreds of dollars on your next move with some research and homework. It is pretty simple to negotiate with moving companies because they are in business to make money; however, people have three common mistakes when haggling with movers. The […]

Long-Distance Moving During the Winter Months. Is it that Complicated?

movers truck in winter

The winter months are the best to move long-distance. That’s because it is less stressful than moving in the summer and can save you money by avoiding high costs associated with summer moves. The weather is cooler, and there are fewer insects, not to mention that most people are more likely to be in a […]

What Should I NOT Pack For My Move?

things you should not pack for moving

When packing and preparing all of your belongings in anticipation of your movers’ arrival, it is essential to remember that your long-distance carrier cannot ship certain items. I’m not talking about books, utensils, and the usual curiosities. Under US DOT regulations, there are a variety of contraband articles that you cannot ship, even with the […]