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Magical Mountain Towns: The Wonders of Living in Morrison or Living in Golden Colorado

Jefferson County Provides Many Options for Living

Jefferson County was once known for its roots in agriculture and mining, and the land’s history cannot be erased.

It is known as a suburban area of Denver perched right on the edge of the Rockies.

Its population has grown over the past decade, and the community that has developed there has opened the cities within up to a whole new world!

It is commonly rated as one of the best places to live by fellow Coloradans, and you don’t have to spend much time there to experience the wonders within.

There are so many lovely places to live throughout the Mile High State, and if you are considering a change and looking into hiring a moving company in Denver for help, it’s a bright idea to compare and contrast your options before you go!

rocky mountainsHeading Toward the Foothills for a More Rural Feel

When you visit the foothills, it is like entering a different reality, even though you aren’t too far away from the capital city of Colorado.

The mountains have a way of telling their own story and calling out to people when they need them most.

Downtown Denver has seen many changes, but the Rocky Mountains remain a constant, and with the state average rent and housing rates increasing, people are moving towards anything that will provide some change and relief.

Most residents in Denver have been forced to adhere to the rising housing costs, groceries, and life necessities.

Living in Golden or Morrison offers new opportunities, neighborhoods, and a chance to be outside city limits.

Local movers are becoming used to transporting residents to new places in Colorado, but it is up to you to decide on the best place to move to!

Golden CO
Golden CO sits at the foothills of the Rockies

Making the Big Move to the Golden City

The Golden City got its name from being a gold rush town in Colorado; it is located at the base of the Rockies, with Clear Creek trail forging a path throughout the area and along the water.

Golden, Colorado, has a population of almost 20,000 people; it is about 17 miles from downtown Denver, 20 miles from Boulder, and a meager 8 miles from Morrison!

Moving to Golden gets residents out of the city and into a bit of history, offers parks and recreation throughout the foothills, and has commonly been rated as one of the best places to live in Colorado.

hikingTake Hiking Trails By Day and Go Bar Hopping on Main Street at Night

Things are a bit rocky in America; many people are concerned about their lives and livelihoods, and with the unexpected events of the nationwide pandemic, many Denver citizens looked a little bit deeper at living in the city of Denver and how that affects or influences their family, business and mental health.

Colorado movers can offer tips on your relocation project, but they cannot help you determine where your land is.

However, living in the town of Golden gives you access to some of the finest activities within the great outdoors!

  • Hiking and biking near Lookout Mountain is a great place to start your adventures in the town.
  • Living in Golden will allow you to enjoy kayaking and tubing on Clear Creek.
  • Interested in rock climbing? It’s never too late to get started on North Table Mountain.
  • Fishing and holding are two sports that most of your neighbors will participate in in Golden.
hiking golden co
Golden CO is in the perfect natural environment for hiking, biking, rock climbing, and other outdoor activities

Discover Downtown Golden, Colorado

If you are looking for a town that offers safety as a suburb but still provides some form of city living, Golden Colorado’s downtown area is fabulous for dining, playing, shopping, and other services.

If you haven’t spent a day in the historic downtown area with your family, trying out some of the restaurants and boutiques yourself is a good idea before hiring movers and packers.

There is something for everyone, from art galleries, outdoor gear shops, small businesses, Coors Brewery, Golden History Museum, and parks.

rockiesThe Rocky Mountains Never Cease to Amaze Us

Location is everything when living in Golden, Colorado, because you are in the middle of everything!

The hills couldn’t get any closer, and while the altitude may take some adjusting once you arrive in town, seeing the city and the mountains from where you live is extraordinary!

Your proximity to Rocky Mountain National Park and multiple other national forests and scenic overlooks is within reach. Are you convinced to look for moving services yet?

Golden CO encapsulates everything harmonious with the Colorado way of life

The Closer You Get – You Will Never Want to Live

In Golden, the city has nice weather year-round, although it can get a bit cooler during Winter and sometimes hotter in Summer.

There is always an adjustment period after booking services through local moving companies

Still, once you arrive in the suburb of Golden, you aren’t ever going to want to live anywhere else!

From hiking and biking trails, water sports on Clear Creek, and so many options for outdoor activities, it is no wonder so many people want to live here.

cost of livingCost of Living in the Golden, Colorado Community

Almost all of Colorado has an average cost of living higher than the national average, but that doesn’t mean we have to judge our quality of living by that national average.

When you are preparing to enlist the help of professional packers and movers, you will likely want to research to be ready for the move and everything that comes with the town you are relocating to.

In Golden, people maintain well versus cities and larger territories.

  • The average house cost is currently about $720,000; while this is higher than you see in Denver, you are moving towards a better life away from the cities.
  • The general cost of a one-bedroom apartment will run you anywhere from $2,000 to $2,200, similar to what is seen in Denver and a bit cheaper!

suburbsA Great Place With a Dense Suburban Feel

Living in Golden, Colorado, offers the most beautiful community.

You will meet some of the friendliest people at local community events, in town, next door, and throughout the area.

The suburb has made it a point to create safety and security for those who choose to live there, and they have surpassed everyone’s expectations.

The Coors brewery is located in Golden CO and is a major jobs provider

There is No Shortage of Job Opportunities

Business and work are two things you can’t get around when preparing for a change in the cost of living when moving to Golden.

There are hundreds of moving tips, but in Golden, Colorado, you can easily network with other residents and find a great workplace, even if you are attempting to locate a flexible workspace.

There are options to work at large companies like Coors or Humana, opportunities at the School of Mines among public schools, and the service and tourism industry.

No matter your field of interest or work, you can find something you like in Golden.

educationYou’ll Have Easy Access to an Excellent Education

There are limited options for education, but all the schools available are within the Jefferson County district.

This allows you to choose from other nearby schools, as the district is known for being a shining star in Colorado.

You also have access to Colorado School of Mines and Redrocks Community College, which both provide an outstanding education and various degree programs.


Frequently Asked Questions About Moving to Golden

What is Golden, CO, most known for?

Golden is known for many different things, but it has been referred to as the Lowell of the West.

This is due to its industrial growth, and it was once a mining town; hence, the Colorado School of Mines is located in the middle of Golden!

It is also home to Coors Brewing, flour mills, and the Colorado Central Railroad!

Is it expensive to live in Golden?

Housing costs are over double what is seen across the rest of America, but whether or not that is expensive can be relative.

There are lower utility bills in Golden, options for renewable and sustainable industries, and transportation costs are generally on par with the rest of the country.

While housing can be more expensive, not everything is, and overall, people find Golden to be on par with Colorado pricing.

What is the typical salary of Golden residents?

The wage trends in Golden, CO, are increasing, and the average resident takes home approximately $79k annually.

This is slightly above what Denver residents are accustomed to making.

Morrison co
Ready to give up the big city life for some peace and quiet? Morrison CO might just be for you.

Relocating to Historic Morrison, Colorado

Living in Morrison, Colorado, is nothing like Denver or the surrounding areas.

It currently has a population of under 500 people, and getting into the neighborhood is exclusive.

If you are thinking of professional movers and trek up to Morrison, you will want to get a better idea of what it’s like to live there.

You Can’t Think of Morrison Without Talking About This Amphitheater

While Morrison’s population is nothing compared to places like Boulder, Denver, or Colorado Springs – those cities have nothing on Morrison.

There are nearly 1 million people that visit the town every year because of Red Rocks Amphitheater.

It is one of the best places to see a concert and will continue to be a spot that musicians, comedians, performers, and tourists love.

The outdoor arena offers more than just concerts, though; you have options:

  • Yoga classes
  • Fitness classes
  • Movie nights
  • Comedy shows
  • Public speakers
  • Weddings
  • Private events
red rocks amphitheater
The glorious Red Rocks Amphitheater needs no introduction

Say Goodbye to Life in Downtown Denver

Hiring local moving companies when relocating anywhere can be a frazzling event, but there are plenty of reasons to get excited about making a change.

Downtown Morrison is the strip to be at – with the sound of water flowing through the town from Bear Creek, delicious places for eating and drinking, and locally owned businesses for shopping.

It is a quaint and quiet place with gorgeous scenery.

If you are considering bringing on a moving and storage company to start living in Morrison, or if you are just interested in checking the place out, check out these restaurants:

  • The Morrison Farmhouse
  • Morrison Inn
  • The Cow an Eatery
  • Tap on the Rocks
small town colorado
Trading the city life of Denver for the serenity and laid-back atmosphere of small towns may come as a bit of a shock. But it’s worth it.

Small Towns Are Good for the Soul

Cities are fun places to live, and if you reside in Denver or a neighboring town, you have likely enjoyed all the amenities they offer.

But small towns and living in Morrison provide something that cities cannot – a feeling that tells you no matter where you are, you are always home.

While Morrison is not remote, it takes you to another world the moment you step into the town, and if that is not reason enough, call on local full-service movers and take a chance on something truly beautiful!

small businessesSmall Businesses are Too

The great thing about a smaller, tight-knit neighborhood is the support everyone provides their neighbors and friends.

Nearly all of the shops located off of the main street are owned by local residents themselves.

Small businesses are prioritized as they feed the town’s economy.

Since so many people head to Morrison yearly due to the amphitheater, the shops and places to eat in the area are subject to the same business.

Getting moving estimates for Morrison is easy, but save some room in your budget for these sweet boutiques…

  • La Boutique Des Boudreaux
  • Sundance Sensations
  • My Sister’s Attic
  • The Moxi Poppy
Morrison houses
It’s precisely because of Morrison’s quiet lifestyle that many high-end homes here sell very quickly

Housing and Living Costs in Morrison, Colorado

The cost of living in Morrison and throughout Colorado is typically higher than the rest of the country, and this has been something residents cannot find their way around and have continually had to navigate the changing times.

Because Morrison is such a small town, when a house goes on the market, it can go very quickly, and you have to be ready to move on it immediately.

  • The average housing cost is around $790,000, which is quite different from what you see in Denver, but a higher demand in Morrison pushes the prices up.
  • The general cost of a one-bedroom apartment is approximately $1950 a month, and this is a bit cheaper than what Denverites have been dealing with down in the city.

The Perfect Place to Raise Families

If you can forge a future in Morrison renting or buying, you will indeed find security, comfort, and many wonders of the universe and mountains.

You won’t be pushed around by all the hustle and bustle of city life, and your children can be exposed to the great outdoors and the lovely Rocky Mountains.

Are you interested in eco-friendly moving companies for a move to Morrison? The Denver Moving Company is a family-owned business providing stress-free local moves.

highway construction
Highway construction projects are always occurring so good news for labourers and civic engineers

High-Quality Job Options

Morrison, CO, has seen a steady increase in their economy over the years, and within the past year, it has increased by almost 3%, and the median household income is over $120,000 a year!

Plenty of jobs are available along the strip, but living in Morrison also affords people new opportunities, so you won’t have to fret about the moving company cost.

  • The agriculture and forestry market is hot in Morrison, and there are many ways to get involved, from the National Parks team to forming a league of your own!
  • Mining, oil, and gas are still significant contenders in the area.
  • Construction is a massive industry and will grow as the town prepares to upgrade Bear Creek Ave and all streets surrounding downtown Morrison.
  • The United States Postal Services, Aramark, Valero, and even AXS offer plenty of stable positions that provide employees room for growth and the ability to climb the ladder.

A Good Place to Go to School

Morrison, being a part of the Jeffco school district, offers plenty of school options, and there are 11 schools in the area, which is more than Golden provides.

You can choose between public and private schooling for your children.

Morrison schools supply students with smaller classroom sizes, the ability to individualize learning plans, support from a team of teachers, and equity throughout the environment!

faq morrison
Any questions regarding life in Morrison CO? Let us know!

Questions About Living in Morrison

Is Morrison senior-friendly or a good place to retire?

Morrison has been rated as one of the most incredible places in Colorado to retire, and the town comprises tons of seniors and families.

It is an absolutely wonderful place to reside regardless of age, but Morrison offers accessible healthcare, quiet living spaces, outdoor activities, adventure, and plenty of things to do!

What does Morrison’s demographic makeup look like?

  • The average age of Morrison citizens is 60.
  • Over 93% of the population are White.
  • About 2% of people are Hispanic.
  • 1.5% of people are Asian.
  • And less than 1% are American Indian or Alaskan Natives.

Is the town of Morrison, Colorado, considered a safe place?

No crime of any kind is taking place in Morrison, and the chances of you becoming a victim of a violent or property crime are 1 out of 10,000 – very low.

It is safe to say that people feel incredibly secure in Morrison, and you could even say that this is a place where people don’t need to lock their doors.

So reach out to your local moving reps now; just be sure they aren’t moving brokers before you get started on your packing!

moving to the rockies
Call Denver Moving Companies today for a free, no obligation quote, no matter where you choose to call your new home!

Find the Right Location for Your Household

Whether you are interested in Golden, Morrison, or otherwise, finding the right place to lay your head at night is essential for your household.

While there is not one place that is most suitable for everyone, Colorado offers some of the best places to live, and if you are considering an upcoming move, securing moving estimates is a good place to get going!

Move With Experts in the Field

The Denver Moving Company is a locally owned and family-operated moving company that supplies reliable and secure relocation services whether you are headed locally or longer distances.

Our Denver movers are fully licensed and insured with the experience and knowledge necessary to make your move to Golden or Morrison seamless.

No matter where you are headed, The Denver Moving Company will get you and your belongings there safely so you can start settling into your new home!

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