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Full-Service Movers vs Moving Pods: A Cost Comparison in Denver

Why Choose a Moving Company Over Moving Container Companies?

The moving industry can be an interesting place to navigate if you are entering a long-distance move without prior knowledge. Professional movers and their moving services bring convenience, safety, security, and comfort to your relocation journey.

In 2023, hiring movers is not the immediate thought when gearing up for transit. Some of the best-moving companies across Colorado have seen more and more residents turn their interest to alternative options. Local and long-distance moving has changed, but so have consumers – they want to be informed and make a conscious effort before immediately choosing to hire professional movers.

There is an array of options available to CO residents – some homeowners will choose truck rental and trek all of their belongings to the delivery location, others will book with traditional moving companies, and some will explore the idea of PODS containers and other moving container companies – your final moving option choice is entirely up to you.

Having so many options is great because it allows renters and homeowners to move at their own pace when necessary.

Still, there is nothing quite like a reputable moving and storage company. Denver’s Best Long-Distance Moving Companies will always go the moving distance and beyond. Plus, you can kick back and relax during the loading and unloading procedures, avoiding those pesky logistics and other painful moving tasks!

movers at work
Our team of moving professionals will take care of the hard work so you don’t have to!

office moving servicesThe Comprehensive Services You Get with a Moving Company

Beep beep – when your moving truck arrives, allow the stress to melt away because Denver’s full-service moving company is ready to make your day!

Before the move date even comes, most moving companies supply a free quote and accurate estimate to review your household inventory and moving costs – this will vary depending on the details required for your moving service.

The Denver Moving Company is fully dedicated to providing clients with elite moving, packing, and storage options to ensure a seamless and stress-free relocation process at reasonable rates! Headed to the City of Angels?

Here’s your Denver to LA Relocation Guide. When you are preparing local moves, long-distance moves, or you are taking a journey across the interstate – budgeting is still essential, no matter how near or far. For tips on acclimating to your new place, check out our Essential Colorado Moving Tips.

Parker’s Interstate Moving Companies and those within the moving industry understand the importance of their role within the relocation universe. From the time your moving truck arrives until it departs from your delivery location – you will have access to VIP treatment and white-glove moving services that include the following:

  • Your moving company is going to take care of absolutely everything! This means they complete all the heavy lifting, and from the moment you begin the process, you can kiss the idea of that rental truck or portable moving containers goodbye! Your movers will load, pack, wrap, stack, transport, offload, reassemble, and even unpack when needed.
  • You have access to premium packing options and packing materials. Stressing out over-packing supplies for your interstate move is a thing of the past. Your movers will do all the packing if that is what you intend. They provide all the moving supplies and materials necessary to do so, including moving blankets and specialty wrapping for furniture and home protection. Wondering what to leave behind? Discover Items You Shouldn’t Pack.
  • Secure storage services are always accessible! You can’t always plan for everything when taking on a cross-country move, and even in the instance of local moves, sometimes storage units are required. Regardless of the reason, a full-service moving company will have secure storage space available whether you need it for short-term use or long-term storage – and this isn’t just your average self-storage facility.
  • You are always covered! Moving companies from Castle Rock to Longmont’s Interstate Moving Services and all over the United States will provide legitimate moving insurance. While insurance costs vary depending on your set needs, this is not always the case when booking a PODS container.
  • They are professional movers, so you will unlikely have to experience accidents or mistakes during the moving process. They have been driving a moving truck for years and can operate heavy machinery on top of the heavy lifting. A legitimate long-distance moving company will always keep your belongings safe during transit.
  • You just can’t buy this kind of peace of mind! Centennial’s Long Distance Moving Companies are always available for an upcoming move, and they will ensure that clients can weigh their options, compare quotes, and make the right decision for them. Don’t miss our Ultimate New Home Moving Checklist to smooth your transition.

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worrying about your petMoving Container Companies: What They Don’t Tell You

A moving container company is an entirely different experience than professional movers and Louisville Long Distance Moving Services. While most people approach alternatives to save money, much additional work goes into the moving process. Save your pennies with our Budget-Friendly Moving Tips.

Opting for a PODS container does not supply the exact moving services you would receive from most moving companies in Mile High City.

PODS stands for its kind of local moves and long-distance moves – it means portable moving containers with on-demand storage services. Unlike traditional moving companies and truck rental opportunities, this is left up to interpretation through container costs, customer reviews, and a moving method.

PODS moving containers allow customers to control their moving services and move through the relocation adventure at their own pace. Can’t decide between Denver and Chicago?

Check out our Comparative Moving Guide. While it can be nice to have access to your own personal and portable storage unit, there are ups and downs to the PODS container philosophy and processes…

  • You can be flexible with your schedule. With a moving container, it is up to you to see how everything is completed and when it begins. While you can control your local or long-distance move, you are the one stuck completing all of the heavy lifting yourself. You won’t have a helper there to help you load, pack, or unload. Going coast to coast? Here are some Cross-Country Moving Tips.
  • Every PODS moving container couples as a storage container. Having constant access to a storage container is convenient, but figuring out how and where to park it is another story. If you were hoping for security, this PODS container will likely be exposed to the elements and others within the community.
  • PODS costs vary depending on your needs, but it is possible to save money with a container company. You cannot accurately compare until you understand how much stuff you will need to transport and how far you will be moving those items. Be kind to Earth with our Eco-Friendly Moving Guide.
pods vs movers
Weighing out the differences between containers such as PODS and moving companies illustrates why movers are the better option

free moving estimatePODS Pricing Vs. Moving Company Costs

The Denver Moving Company, Loveland’s Top-Rated Long-Distance Movers, prides itself on providing modern moving options, helping clients avoid scams, and providing legitimate moving plans!

The average cost of your move depends on a couple of things: volume or weight, distance, and any additional packing materials or specialty moving supplies necessary to complete the project.

Learn how to get the best deal with our Negotiating with Moving Companies guide.

Working with professional movers allows the consumer to review moving costs in detail in advance. Local moves are not going to have very different cost factors from cross-country moves; however, the average cost of booking your relocation with a local and long-distance moving company will be anywhere from:

  • $790 to $2,400 for a local move with a full-service moving company.
  • $1,800 to $9,000 for a long-distance move with a local moving company. For state-to-state moves, don’t miss our Ultimate Interstate Moving Guide.

The best-moving container companies will provide different costs than what you see with moving companies like The Denver Moving Group because they do not have the same moving method and cannot provide the exact moving services.

Your moving costs will always depend upon what you need throughout the process; even a rental truck can cost you more than booking with cross-country movers when left unmanaged.

Enjoy the first part of our Long-Distance Movers’ Stories. PODS cost depends on the container size required and how long it will be used for – this does not calculate additional insurance costs or moving coverage.

  • Using a moving container company for a local move costs $500 to $2,000. The latter half of this average cost is comparable to what you see with local moving companies.
  • When utilizing PODS container companies for a cross-country move, the PODS pricing can vary from $500 and up to $7,000. And here’s the compelling Part Two of Our Movers’ Stories.
full service movers
Full service movers come bearing their own trucks, moving crews, and drivers!

unloading furniture into your new homeThe Real Deal: Full Service Movers vs. Moving Companies

With Monument Cross Country Movers, a dependable moving company in Colorado – the services you will receive are pretty different than what occurs with a portable shipping container, AKA moving container.

For a long-distance move, you are looking at long-distance travel and transportation, and even when you need to relocate locally, what you see versus what you get can bring you to a rude awakening.

To avoid moving scams, you must ensure that the moving and storage option you choose has knowledgeable and experienced movers licensed to complete the work they claim to provide. Avoid the middleman! Here are reasons to Skip Moving Brokers.

Many broker companies will disguise themselves as a legitimate moving option. However, they will solely book the move and then pass you along to a reputable moving company in your area.

These broker companies are notorious for making promises around costs, the moving service itself, and perhaps misleading clients to believe one thing until they receive the opposite.

Moving brokers act as a middleman between the public and a moving company – sometimes, they also end up referring customers to moving container services.

Do your research before signing any documents; you must verify that you are booking with an actual moving company that you can rely on. Luckily, The Denver Moving Company offers elite, licensed, insured local and long-distance moving options; our customer reviews can attest to this! Unhappy with your service? Learn How to Get a Refund from a Moving Company.

moving outProfessional Movers: Your Best Bet for Long Distance Moves

You cannot truly compare the service compliments Westminster’s Out-of-State Movers supply. Moving anywhere can be difficult, and without experienced movers to support you through the process, the changes and logistics can become incredibly overwhelming. Feeling homesick? Learn How to Handle Homesickness.

The Denver Moving Company services Westminster, Lakewood, Castle Rock, and the entire Denver metro area with the following service options:

  • Free in-home, over-the-phone, or virtual moving estimate and consultation process.
  • Residential & commercial moving solutions.
  • Packing package options & quality packing materials – with custom packing and crating services available.
  • Safe Storage Facility Options – long & short-term storage.
  • Loading, unloading, disassembly, reassembly & unpacking.
  • Local, long-distance, and cross-country transportation
  • Insurance coverage & claims department.
  • Specialty moving Services for bulky, fragile, extraordinary high-value belongings.
  • Full-service customer care team.

Moving Companies During Long Distance Moves

Wheat Ridge Moving Companies for Long Distance Moves will always dedicate themselves to your needs. With a moving container, you do not have the same kind of support as you would with movers.

Some tasks are better completed with help, and instead of trying to do it yourself, it is okay to ask for help whether you are attempting to move your household or workplace. Take your work with us with our Long-Distance Home Office Moving Tips.

Local moving company based in BoulderLocal Move Simplified: Full-Service Movers to the Rescue

The Denver Moving Company offers elite local moving services to the Centennial State – local moves should be straightforward and simple, never complicated by external entities used as support modes. When you are getting ready for a local move, you can expect the following services on your move date:

  • Residential and commercial relocation services – with a free moving quote on all services.
  • Full pack, partial pack, and specialty packing services – if you are moving an office, specific materials and equipment are used to protect your office furniture, tech, and supplies.
  • Long and short-term storage solutions.
  • Loading, unloading, reassembly, and disassembly.
  • Personal moving representative and customer service team.
  • Insurance coverage and claims process in the case of accidents or damage.

Full-Service Movers Do All the Lifting

When working with full-service movers like The Denver Moving Company, you don’t have to stress about what will happen on a moving day. Your moving crew will complete everything and even all the packing if you like!

Your moving experts physically shoulder the load – placing all your household goods onto the moving truck, taking great care of your furniture, transporting, and completing delivery. Nothing is better than Fort Collins’ Interstate Movers to help you through the moving processes. Can’t decide between Arizona and Texas? Check out our Comparative Moving Tips.

movers packing
Long distance movers have all the packing skills to ensure your belongings are protected!

best Denver movers for youLong Distance Moves: Why Professional Movers Have the Edge

Long-distance moving is usually associated with stress; this is a reputation that the process can’t seem to shake, but when you can gain support from Golden’s Cross Country Moving Companies for your upcoming interstate move, stress and anxiety can be tucked away from another day.

It doesn’t matter what is going on, when you are completing your move, or how much there is to do – reputable movers are there to make the project as simple as possible. Moving in the cold? Here’s how to Move During Winter.

movers carrying moving boxA Professional Moving Company Provides a Simplified Moving Process

Long-distance moving is not always easy – many changes are occurring: new job offers, searching for schools, securing a place to live, getting the utilities set up, etc. The Denver Moving Company‘s moving crews are there for you to break down the process of moving and simplify moving solutions available in Colorado and across the country.

Highlands Ranch Moving Companies Long Distance Movers are fully licensed, insured, experienced, and trained to do the job at reasonable costs.

This is meant to allow customers to worry about the more significant picture pieces of their lives – saying farewell to their friends and family, spending quality time together, and finding closure as they enter their new home and final destination.

self packingAccess to Premium Packing Services & Packing Supplies

Packing is one of the parts of relocation projects that home and business owners seem to dread the most, even more so than labor, loading, and unloading.

While additional costs and fees are associated with packing services, the comfort of knowing your belongings were professionally packed and protected is nearly priceless! Need packing supplies? We’ve got you covered with our Packing Supplies.

The Denver Moving Company offers full, partial, and specialty packing solutions with top-tier packing materials.

  • Small, medium, large, & wardrobe moving boxes.
  • Dish packs.
  • Mirror & TV boxes.
  • Moving blankets & pads.
  • Mattress bags.
  • Packing paper.
  • Bubble wrap.
  • Packing peanuts.
  • Tape.

cost of movingAvoid Extra Fees Associated with Moving & Storage

Relocation with a full-service moving company is the secret to success when moving, but you need to locate the right movers for the job.

The Denver Moving Company Littleton’s Movers That Move Cross-Country Cross Country proudly service clients with a no hidden fees policy – because it is easy and far too often renters, homeowners, and business owners end up in a position where they are surprised by additional moving costs such as:

  • Shuttle Fees: if the driver cannot access the pick-up or delivery location with his moving truck, they will then rent a smaller box truck, transfer all the belongings onto the box truck, and make delivery from there. Both locations should be reviewed upon booking or when provided to determine the need for shuttle services.
  • Long-Carry Fees: every moving company will regulate the carry length and the carry rate. Still, additional costs are implied if your belongings are carried over that limit provided from the truck to the front door of the delivery location.
  • Elevator Fees: a one-time fee for the use of an elevator.
  • Stair Fees: the stair count will vary from business to business. Still, generally, the first flight of stairs is included with your move, and any additional flights – on the exterior portion of the home or building – will be charged accordingly.

storage solutions

Secure Storage Facility: An Added Perk of Full-Service Movers

The people of Colorado are used to experiencing the unexpected adapting to change, and just as we experience constant ebbs and flows in life. You can’t plan for everything during the moving procedures, but you can certainly remain vigilant.

When heading out of state, it is more about the journey than the final destination; the same goes for local relocations. Let’s say you are headed to the Pacific Northwest and have already sold your home but have yet to purchase one. Considering the Pacific Northwest? Read our Guide to Moving to Portland.

You are in limbo, but there is one sure thing – you have a set move-out date. Calling Evergreen’s Out-of-State Moving Services with The Denver Moving Company will provide peace because they will pick you up and transfer your household goods to their secure storage facilities.

Or maybe you’re eyeing Salem? Here’s your Salem Relocation Guide – or discover the allure of Eugene in our Eugene Moving Guide.

moving and storage warehouseWhy a Secure Storage Facility Matters in Your Moving Journey

Whether you are heading to Oregon, Washington, or just down to Wash Park – when you need storage, you need reliable storage centers! Pro tip: For outdoor enthusiasts, don’t miss our Bend, Oregon Moving Tips.

Whether you are searching for Denver, Aurora, or Thornton’s Out-of-State Movers Company, you can rest assured that Denver Moving Company will provide safe storage solutions for your belongings.

At the same time, you sort out the details of your new home! Our storage warehouse provides the following:

  • One month of complimentary storage.
  • State-of-the-art security systems, cameras, and high-quality locking mechanisms to secure and protect your household goods during storage.
  • Clean and pest-free storage facilities to ensure your items arrive at your delivery location in the same condition that they departed.
  • Vaulted personal storage units to keep organized and safe.
  • Temperature-controlled facilities.

thornton storage solutions

moving and storage warehouseShort & Long Term Storage Options With Protection

As the Denver metro area and Castle Rock’s Top Rated Long Distance Moving Companies, it is no wonder both short-term and long-term storage options are available to customers.

Short-term storage is an excellent option if you simply need a little extra time to sort out life logistics and plans around your living situation; there are even pro-rated options if you don’t require month-to-month storing.

Long-term storage is also accessible when needed, whatever the reason. The Denver Moving Company is dedicated to keeping clients and their personal items comfortable.

PODS Storage Center Options for Comparison

Storing your entire household inside a moving container is not everyone’s first choice, but there are certainly instances where it is required while moving.

Keep in mind that PODS container companies are not full-service moving companies, and they cannot provide the same conditions for storage. Your moving container will be parked or placed in the most convenient place possible, but it will likely be exposed to the outdoors, elements, and passersby. This is not necessarily great for long-term storage as it becomes costly, there is a lack of security and unstable environment and conditions.

hidden costs

Moving Costs: The Hidden Truth About Moving Container Companies

More and more CO residents and citizens across the country are becoming more crafty with how they interact with the goods and services industries. Many are choosing to complete home improvement projects, minor renovations, clothing and show alterations, and all sorts of creative endeavors, DIY style – so why wouldn’t they also consider that for a significant move?

Moving containers is a straightforward alternative to moving companies, although they could never live up to the same services provided. Boulder’s Best Long Distance Movers are seeing the changes in how people perceive the moving industry, and the Denver Moving Company strives to elevate, evolve, and make the relocation process both inclusive and accessible. There are one too many reasons moving containers can’t quite keep up with the movement into the future.

podHidden Costs Attached to Moving Container Company

One of the big sales attached to moving container relocations is the affordable average cost often advertised across PODS and other popular moving container companies.

It is easy to look at the cost attached and think, “Well, if I am saving money, then why not…” However, this is not always the case with PODS containers, and you need to pay close attention to where additional fees may surprise you. The container moving procedures go something like this:

  • The container company will come directly to your door to drop off the POD to ensure you have it ready for your move-out.
  • You are responsible for loading the container and ensuring everything is packed and wrapped accordingly.
  • You may store the moving container at your pick-up location or a local storage facility as long as needed before transport.
  • The container company will return to pick up the POD and transport it to your delivery destination.
  • Upon arrival, you will need to offload your household belongings and ensure the POD is ready for pick-up.

long distance moving truckThe Moving Truck Is Not Included for Your Long Distance Move

While container companies will complete the transportation for your relocation process, that doesn’t necessarily mean everything is included.

You are not booked with Greenwood Village’s Long-Distance Moving Services and do not reap the same benefits as a full-service company. While it may seem like you are going to save, you have to calculate all of the following details:

  • All packing materials and supplies fall in your lap, and you are responsible for the labor and all the boxes, packing paper, pads, bubble wrap, tape, etc.
  • If you choose to place any bulky items, additional fees are associated.
  • There are separate fees for the pick-up and delivery of the container itself; this can vary according to the scheduling of your move.
  • While most container companies will provide storage centers across the United States or utilize third-party storage options, there are heavy fees you will need to take on the longer you keep your items there.
  • You cannot calculate the cost of your move according to items or weight alone, only by the size of the container(s) you choose to use, and there are limited options available – meaning even if you have a minimal amount of stuff, there is still a minimum container size.
  • More rental fees are taxed if you need to keep your container for over a month or outside of the allotted time the company provides.
  • You are limited on insurance coverage and must plan to purchase that through the company.
  • Lastly, you cannot forget to consider your travel accommodations, commute costs, etc.

moving truck

Local Move or Cross Country Move: Full-Service Movers Can Do It All

The service comparison between container businesses and moving companies is, in a way, difficult to do because PODS options are very limited and do not provide much human interaction, let alone any assistance throughout the moving process.

Whereas Colorado Springs’ Moving Movers Long Distance provides nearly everything that they do not, including the transport. It is entirely up to you how you want to perceive your situation, but for Denver and Colorado Springs residents, here are your Long-distance moving FAQs.

long distance moving truckFull-Service Moving Companies: The One-Stop Solution for Cross-Country Moves

You simply cannot find a better way to relocate across the country without legitimate movers to help you – they provide physical, emotional, and mental support to keep you sane and completely stress-free throughout the procedures and tasks related to a successful relocation.

The Denver Moving Company and Arvada’s moving companies for out-of-state move offer a safe place to land and transition into your new home, no matter how near or far that may be! Moving from the beach to the mountains? Here are your San Diego to Colorado Moving Tips.

Save Money & Evaluate Your Moving Estimates

When looking at your moving options, consulting with various local movers will help provide a complete understanding of your relocation costs alongside your budget with Broomfield’s Best Long-Distance Moving Companies.

When planning a move, retrieve multiple estimates to evaluate numerous companies and their interpretation of your moving needs. This will allow you to make a sound and informed decision in choosing the best company for your family!

relocationUndergoing a Local Move? Moving Companies Can Do That Too

Local moving should be a simple process, and while it is still a significant task, local moving companies can relocate you and your household to the new place, all in a day! Having a reputable moving company to guide you through the process, from preparation to unpacking your belongings, will offer a swift and seamless local move wherever you are headed next.

When Moving Containers Just Don’t Make Sense

When you are dealing with or considering PODS container companies for local moving processes, it may not make the most sense for your household.

Generally, people go to containers when they require some sort of storage in the interim, and even if you are not looking for storing opportunities, hauling a container from point A to point B just to move locally may end up costing more than what it is worth – without the additional helping hands.

Local moving should usually be cheaper than moving long-distance, but that all depends on how much stuff you need to move, what size pod you are hoping to rent, the fuel costs associated, and any specialty matters that relate to your relocation needs – and yes, the pick-up, container rental, and drop-off fees all still apply.

moving large objects
Movers have the skills to get your armoire, sofa, or other large furniture articles out the door without leaving a scratch!

Heavy Lifting: Leave it to the Pros

If you are looking for someone with experience to carry you through an upcoming relocation, then turning to the professionals will provide just that. Brighton’s Top Long Distance Moving Companies and businesses like Denver Moving Company are there to lend their expertise to make your move as smooth as possible.

Do you have furry friends? Learn How to Move with Pets Long-Distance. Even if you are scrambling to get things done with small children, your movers are there to do things quickly and efficiently. You do not have to put yourself or anyone in your household at risk to ensure the moving labor is adequately completed.

move pets faqsLoading and Unloading Made Easy

With PODS and other container companies, you do not have the convenience you would with Aurora’s Movers for Out-of-State Move – or even a local one. You are responsible for all the packing, lifting, loading, and unloading. You also have to consider the furniture maneuvers, any necessary tools or equipment required to live and lower, and the risk you are taking by doing so.

There is the possibility of injury, home damage, and property damage, and if you can avoid this – why not? When you stick with legitimate movers, you don’t have to worry about all of these little details, and you can focus on the more exciting things about your move and get excited about what lies ahead for you and your family.

money to moveMoving Costs: The Unseen Expenses of DIY Moves

Don’t forget that when you are calculating for a container or DIY move, you have to keep a close eye on every expense because you will not have a personal moving representative to provide you with an initial estimate, nor will you have a customer service team to walk you through any changes or unexpected circumstances you may encounter. Try making a list of everything you may perceive as upcoming fees associated with the move and compare it to the budget you have outlined for the process.

If you work with Greeley’s Out-of-State Moving Companies or any legit movers, talk with your sales rep once you receive your estimate and review the itemized list of charges. Ask questions and ensure you are organized in comparing both to make the right decision that best suits your relocation wants, needs, and dreams!

There is More to It Than Just the Rental Truck

While the future of moving may look different, and as we see more of the world evaluating their options, it is not just as simple as renting a truck or container and making your way to your destination. Englewood’s Moving Long-Distance Movers and those alike supply more than just moving solutions but also convenience, peace of mind, sanity, and complete comfort as you transition into your new place.

Cross Country vs. Local: The Full-Service Moving Company Advantage

Local, long-distance, and cross-country relocations all have one thing in common – the intent need for professional support. Locating Denver & Lakewood’s Moving Cross Country Movers can provide long-distance and local moving solutions, which is the key to winning your relocation process.

The Denver Moving Company has long been developing and upholding the highest standards in moving and the most dedicated community of professionals for client support. Our moving crew is committed to creating cost-efficient, eco-friendly, accessible moving solutions for customers and their families. For all your moving needs, visit our homepage and explore our service areas!

Contact Your Local Moving Company for Free Comprehensive Moving Estimates

Looking for a reliable mover? Choose our Long-Distance Moving Services in Denver with The Denver Moving Company, Colorado’s go-to full-service moving company. While PODS moving containers and truck rentals are valid options for relocations, they are not suitable when transporting your household and everyone in it.

Your home and family deserve to be handled with care and attention to detail, and special needs are what The Denver Moving Company does best. Contact our moving specialists today for a free in-home, over-the-phone, or virtual moving estimate – because relocating with the pros means moving forward and landing safely!

moving faqs
If you have any moving questions that aren’t answered below, give us a call!

Frequently Asked Questions During Long Distance Moves

office moving servicesHeavy Lifting: Why Risk It When You Don’t Have To?

Many Denver residents enjoy lifting weights, but moving boxes isn’t quite the same thing, and just as you need good form to approach a big lift, you need knowledge and experience for moving. You are forced to complete the labor when you attempt to use a rental truck or moving container for your relocation needs.

There are a million and one other things you could focus on during a long-distance move. Still, when you have to complete the physical labor without understanding how to lift and maneuver boxes and furniture properly, you are at risk of injury and damage to your household goods. For a personal touch, find out Why Independent Movers Are the Best.

cheapestIs it cheaper to use PODS?

Booking and scheduling a moving container company during a local or cross-country move is not necessarily cheaper. It is essentially a storage container that you rent and bring along with you through the move; therefore, you are paying for the rental and only the rental.

The storage container has a lower average cost than hiring movers, but you are not receiving the benefits of having local and long-distance moving experts by your side heading to the Peach State. Navigate your Denver to Atlanta Move with ease.

podAre PODS more expensive than storage?

If you require a long-term storage unit during a local or cross-country move, you must understand how cost factors into your service needs. Public storage units will always be the cheapest option available for long-term needs. A PODS storage container will be much more expensive unless you need it for short-term use.

expensiveWhy is pod moving so expensive?

PODS containers are expensive because you cannot go by a specific set of inventory – there are set sizes you have to rent, and the more you have, the larger the PODS container you will need to complete your relocation project.

Moving pods requires much more materials, resources, and transportation options than your average movers. If you have to move from Colorado to Florida or anywhere across the country, you will spend a lot of money on a service without actual movers for assistance. Still dreaming of Miami? Check out our Denver to Miami Comparative Guide.

pros and consWhat are the pros and cons of PODS?

Moving pods have benefits and drawbacks, just like any moving service will provide, but unfortunately, the downfalls outweigh the positive attributes. Moving containers gives you much flexibility if you are in the middle of a move but have not yet found a place to live. They can be a cheap option if you are heading somewhere nearby and traveling straight there, and they provide your own portable storage unit.

On the other side of the coin, the average cost can skyrocket when you are planning for a long-distance move; you do not have the help of licensed movers and a customer support team, and you are contributing to a larger carbon footprint during your transport, your belongings are not well protected within the unit and moving the container around can be challenging. It is always best to sit down and write out a complete list of benefits and downsides, evaluating your moving options in detail before you decide on your moving and storage needs.

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