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What are the Pros and Cons of Hiring Denver Movers?

Over 25 million people moved throughout the United States last year, which was even higher in previous years.

While long-distance migration trends have been directly impacted by the strains left behind by the pandemic, most residents are still left to wonder about the best relocation method and how it may further affect their own lives and family members.

The Intricacies and Delicacy of a Long Distance Move

There are over 17,000 moving companies throughout the country and over 800 in the state of Colorado, which can make the process of hiring professional movers challenging to navigate.

When these stats are coupled with all the alternate methods that have grown in popularity over the past few years, choosing between renting a moving truck and booking professional moving services is even more precarious than it once was.

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Will a Professional Moving Company Work for You and Your Family?

The rub lies in the difficult decision between hiring professional movers, obtaining a moving truck rental, and completing things yourself.

The second you enter “movers near me” into your search bar, loads of companies associated with the industry appear!

With all of this at the tip of your fingers, it takes a bit more effort to locate a good solution for your household, as every relocation project is different and should be treated as such.

Pros of Hiring Denver Movers:

The DIY route will always be there, but working with and choosing to hire professionals remains the traditional choice whether you are moving short or long distances.

All the work is left to the experts; you don’t have to spend several hours a day packing and moving your personal items.

We all have busy lives to lead, and in the face of significant changes ahead, it can be increasingly difficult to figure out where and how to fit these kinds of tasks into the schedule.

There is a reason that a moving company remains the supreme and go-to option for relocations throughout Denver, CO, because it offers residents the opportunity to move into a new home in the presence of professionals!

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A Moving Company Provides Professional Expertise

Whether you are heading from the Tennyson neighborhood to Golden or making more extensive plans to trek across state lines, a moving company can assist with a local move and cross-country relocations.

Professional movers are fully certified to help in packing, loading, unloading, transporting, and addressing any unique challenges or things that may arise during the relocation procedures.

Plus, working with a local moving company means having a crew of experts who have entirely crafted all the details of the surrounding area, local regulations, the best routes, etc. – to make for a smooth and simplified relocation experience.

A Reputable Company will Offer Hassle-Free Moving Solutions

Professional moving services are available when you cannot manage the heavy lifting, time-consuming procedures, and additional services that come with moving locally or long distances!

When you hire professional movers, you have the chance to feel incredibly confident in an upcoming process that is stress-free and without any unnecessary barriers or boundaries that will hinder the operation.

Professional Moving Services Can Help Save Time

Time is always a significant constraint for Coloradans because even with a DIY move, you cannot get around using some of it.

But with Denver movers, you will save time and go about the many things you need to do and things you want to spend time doing before the moving starts!

With a licensed, professional moving company, you have access to all of the following benefits:

  • Your moving services will complete all the logistics from the date of pickup through delivery! This includes providing estimates paperwork, answering questions, and handling all the physical strain and labor.
  • You don’t have to worry about transporting your belongings like those that go the DIY route with U haul or other alternative transit methods. Your professional movers are licensed to navigate winding roads, busy highways, and lousy weather, and they have general training in driving a large moving truck.
  • Hiring professional movers ensures you retain access to a crew of specialists who are there to get things done as quickly and as efficiently as possible!

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Safety and Security is Guaranteed when Hiring Professionals

If you want to save on possible mistakes and secure a valid solution for moving day, full-service moving companies bring forth everything you could ever need out of a moving experience.

Safety and security are likely at the top of your priority list if you are airing on the side of hiring professional movers, and that is precisely what you will get!

A team of licensed movers is there to offer their personal experience and knowledge for your benefit so that you don’t have to stress about the details and logistics of the relocation project.

Less Stress

Stress and anxiety are almost immediately associated with a move. While you may experience some difficulties with the transition, your professional movers are here to help you.

Point out the mental and physical relief that comes with entrusting the logistics of moving to experts, making the transition to a new home more pleasant.

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Professional Moving Companies do the Heavy Lifting

The heavy lifting is another thing to add to your list and probably the last thing you want to worry about.

With a legitimate moving company, the crew will do it all for you, operate the moving vehicle and everything you ever need, and never get with a DIY move.

Using the best moving companies to hire movers for your upcoming relocation efforts can resolve any physical efforts you would have needed to put into the project.

Completing Your Long Distance Moving Process with Experts Offers Cost Savings

Although seen as an upfront cost, explain how hiring movers can be cost-effective by preventing potential damages, speeding up the moving process, and providing all necessary moving supplies and equipment.

When relocating, money and general cost savings are other significant concerns of residents when hiring professional movers, which everyone has to consider because budgeting is essential!

With a legitimate moving company, you will have a personal moving representative to guide you through the process; they will work with you on your budget to ensure everything remains cost-effective.

If you attempt a DIY move, you are left to handle everything from driving the large truck to loading your belongings, packing, gas, hotel stays, additional costs, etc. This can end up putting you well over budget.

Cons of Hiring Denver Movers

Looking closer at the pros and cons of hiring professionals, many Denver residents think outside the box with DIY moves to save money and avoid hiring professionals by renting their own moving truck or utilizing moving pods.

There are a multitude of benefits to working with professional movers on any kind of relocation project. Still, many will think twice before deciding based on a complete evaluation of those pros and cons!

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Fears Associated with the Cost of Full Service Movers

The price tag attached to hiring movers is often one of the largest utterances for people in the Mile High City.

Money and attempting to save money are two of the most prominent realms of focus because when you are moving, there is a cost associated with almost every part of the project.

If you are planning on a more minor, local move, hiring professional movers may not be a decision that makes sense, and you can cut costs by avoiding these services.

Self-moving can be a more reasonable option than movers, but you are seamlessly missing out on all the comforts of relocating to your new home!

You Cannot Maintain Complete Control Over Your Move

You may also feel out of control when hiring local or long-distance movers in Denver, CO. Cost is one thing, but remaining in control of your money and all of your belongings on the moving truck is another.

Moving already imposes several changes, and most people are interested in remaining in control of everything they can, from saving on the total cost of the move to the moving process itself.

An Impersonal Experience

Choosing to trust strangers with all of your earthly belongings can be a large feat to overcome. Once your household goods are loaded onto the moving truck via professional moving services, you don’t see anything again until the delivery process. For many, this feels uncomfortable or impersonal.

Leaving Your Entire House to Someone Else can be Intimidating

But relocating with residential and commercial movers in the Denver area doesn’t have to feel like this! All you have to do is a little bit of digging into the details:

  • Research the moving company to ensure that you are hiring reputable movers.
  • Take the time to request your free quote, and even multiple quotes, so you can get to know the professional movers you are considering.
  • Check out the company’s details, stats, reviews, etc.

Scheduling & Hiring Professional Movers Can be Challenging

Scheduling gets hectic when you are prepping for a moving project, and hiring movers may be a part of that process.

When attempting to schedule the big day or process with a professional moving company, you will not always be able to get things done on the exact date and time you want.

While movers will work with you to find an appropriate compromise, you get to complete things on your terms when renting your truck.

With flexibility having some limitations, you can save yourself the struggle of scheduling issues by hiring movers in the off-season during the Fall and Winter months!

diy move is time consuming

A DIY Move Will be Time-Consuming

Even though scheduling movers can feel limiting, managing time and even cost savings are challenging to manage on a DIY move.

Who wants to stack boxes aimlessly without the proper knowledge and training to pack and move your belongings safely?

With licensed, professional movers, they will show up as expected on your moving day, with the truck, necessary packing materials, specialized equipment, and everything that is required to get the job done quickly and efficiently!

Rare Risks are Involved

While professional movers are generally reliable, mention the rare risk of encountering scams or unprofessional services in the industry, emphasizing the importance of thorough research.

Some businesses disguise themselves as reliable moving companies when, in fact, they are simply booking the job and passing it along to legitimate movers.

This puts the customers in a strange and uncomfortable predicament, as there was essentially no use for the middleman in the first place, and you have suddenly been hit with a higher cost because of this!

Moving Broker Vs. Professional Mover

When you hire professionals to assist, you want to trust these professionals, and most will assume they are booking with real movers. Knowing the difference between moving brokers and licensed movers is critical if you plan to relocate:

  • Moving brokers often market themselves as reputable movers but are not licensed to transport your belongings in a truck.
  • A broker company is not the actual movers; they book the job and send it to professionals who will complete the pickup, transport, and delivery of your household goods.
  • The broker companies are notorious for taking large deposits, underquoting, failing to provide an in-home or virtual estimate, and making grandiose promises.
  • Moving brokers will not have a physical DOT number; you can verify your movers at the Department of Transportation website to ensure you are not falling for one of these scams!

tips for choosing denver moving company

Tips for Choosing the Right Denver Movers

Attempting to navigate the interstate and sea of moving companies in the Denver metroplex can feel intimidating and confusing.

When planning moves locally or longer distances, understanding who you are booking with and what they can provide is vital to ensure a successful process and positive experience!

Request Multiple Moving Estimates

Before you start your journey, research the realistic cost of a relocation project of your size and set a budget. From there, you can request moving quotes to make an informed decision about your upcoming moving project!

It is wise to request at least three different estimates from various companies to compare these quotes to your service needs and budget while considering your experience with your moving or sales representative.

Verify the Company’s License & Insurance Coverage

Verifying your mover’s licensing and insurance information is non-negotiable. You should always refer to the DOT and FMCSA websites to ensure that you are booking the move with a legitimate company with the required licensing and insurance coverage to protect you during the process.

Even your local movers should be able to verify their license and insurance information; it is not only cross-country relocation companies that will have a DOT number!

Ask Friends & Family About Previously Hired Movers

Getting referrals and networking with members of your community can help provide a deeper understanding and comforting perspective on the group of professionals you will hire to manage your moving experience!

If you know someone who has recently made a move of their own, ask them about the full-service movers they worked with, ask how the experience went, and if things went positively – request more information from the moving company.

Relocation projects are a very personal experience, and gaining references and referrals to locate your moving company adds credibility and comfort to the process.

Check Out Other Customers Moving Experience

While getting a referral to hire professional movers simplifies the process, don’t forget to check out previous client experiences when completing your research.

Similar to gaining information from your friends, family, or neighbors with customer reviews, you have a peek into the reality of working with your potential movers and can get to know them!

With house and apartment movers in Denver, Colorado, there is much to consider, and client reviews offer a first-hand perspective.

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Avoid Hidden Fees with Your Large Moving Truck

Be sure that you are checking into any additional or unexpected fees that could be incurred during your moving services! This should always be a part of your evaluation process when hiring a reputable moving company.

Customers will often provide this kind of information in negative reviews and explain how these kinds of unexpected fees impacted their moving budget and the overall cost of the move.

Still, you also can just ask your moving representative about any possible charges that could happen that are not listed on your quote. Upfront movers will ensure no hidden fees from the beginning of the booking process!

Review the Moving Services Provided Throughout the Process

Compare your needs because not all movers offer full services or white glove solutions.

If you are going to require a second stop at your delivery location, are traveling with a senior parent, or are moving with kids and have set limitations on what is required of your moving services, be sure to voice that to the company to evaluate whether or not that is something they can fulfill!

Even when booking with same-day movers, review your paperwork thoroughly to ensure you fully comprehend what you are signing for and what services will be provided.

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Lighten Your Load and Hire Movers in Denver

You are always in control of how you choose to move, and no matter where you are heading, you can determine your needs according to the required services, your budget, and any exceptional circumstance!

When your moving date finally arrives, local and cross-country movers always aim to provide customers with comfort, ease, and stress-free relocation projects.

With our team of movers, you can be sure you are moving in the right direction without having to do any of the work.

If you have completed a recent move with professional moving services in Denver, share your own experience in the comment section down below!

It all begins by simply requesting an estimate because when hiring professional movers to help with your relocation project, you can confidently move forward into the next chapter of your life!

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