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The Secrets to Denver’s Suburbs: Choosing a Life in Centennial or Living in Littleton, CO

City Living is Overrated

If you are used to living in the city or neighboring areas, the culture that shrouds that space can quickly become overwhelming.

Where you and your home are located makes all the difference when attempting to find peace and comfort within your lifestyle.

The Mile High City has so much to offer residents who spend time there, but something is refreshing about picking up and moving down to the suburbs.

Because you don’t have to relocate across the country to find a safe, secure, and stunning place to live when you are already in Colorado!

suburbsMoving into the Suburbs of the Denver Metro Area

A suburb is characterized as a residential district of the city or relative metro area.

Denver is the city in this case, and there is a cornucopia for surrounding suburban spaces to discover!

No two towns are exactly alike, from Aurora and Arvada to places like Littleton and Centennial.

But the beauty in that remains that every suburb has its wonders and secrets – these are the components that make each town its own sacred space.

If finding a moving company in Denver is on your radar, properly investigating and evaluating your options is the first step to locating your next home!

friendly neighborhood centennial co
Life is good in Centennial CO and families find the neighborhoods a wonderful place to raise kids

Centennial Residents Are Living Well

Centennial is the epitome of the perfect family suburban area perched along the Front Range of Colorado with enthralling landscapes, comfy communities, creeks, and neighborhoods.

Centennial is located only 16 miles south of Denver.

But with all the main highways and E470 rolling through the town, you can transport yourself and your kids anywhere throughout Colorado.

The mountains sit to the West of the city, and with the sun peeking through the peaks of the highest hills, many Denver residents find their new homes in Centennial.

Local moving companies are trekking over to this neighborhood more often than not.

centennial co street
Centennial CO rates highly in quality of life compared to other corners of Greater Denver

Committing to an Increased Overall Quality of Life

Finding a great place for moving and living within the Centennial State is not a difficult task.

Most of the population is friendly, the views are amazing, the weather is almost always sunny, and the culture constantly evolves!

While Centennial is a smaller town than Denver and neighboring areas, it provides options for a different mode of living.

Downtown is not the most excellent place to raise kids, and while many parents choose to take on the hurdles that come with it, others opt for a quieter and more comfortable lifestyle.

That is precisely what you will find in Centennial, CO!

Arapahoe County Offers Tremendous Opportunities

When you decide to utilize Centennial Movers, you have a whole new set of possibilities at your fingertips:

  • You are still close to downtown Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder and less than an hour from the foothills!
  • Even though the suburbs seem to cater to something other than outdoorsy activities, Centennial has a great deal of biking, walking, and hiking trails throughout the city. This is coupled with reservoirs, state parks, and open spaces!
  • You will find all the same amenities that you can in Denver; you just have to drive a little bit further to get to some of them.
  • There is always good shopping, grocery stores, schools, and all the necessities in your neighborhood.
  • Renting or owning, you can find something that will accompany your style and needs.
  • You have a sense of safety and security that is not often found in cities across the country.
mexican resturant
If you love Mexican cuisine, you’ll enjoy what culinary delights Centennial has to offer

Leaving Downtown Denver Doesn’t Mean Sacrificing Good Food

Residents of Centennial rave about all there is to do in the area, so don’t give the burbs a lousy rap before you try it!

You can spend your afternoon at a playdate with your child’s best friend and the evening at a movie theatre, or if you are hoping to catch a show, you can head over to Pindustry to hear the sound of local bands and walk to Yonutz for a late night treat.

When preparing to book your movers and packing specialists, you don’t need to dread the suburban nightmare they talk about in books and movies because Centennial is not your typical town.

From Mexican Food to ViewHouse Centennial

People tend to rave about all the great options for dining in Centennial because no matter which street you live on or the intersection you end up at – you will find good restaurants.

Get your full-service movers ready because these are some of the best restaurants in Centennial:

  • The ViewHouse, located off I-25, is a gigantic gastropub-style restaurant that offers brunch, lunch, and dinner menus and diverse meal options. Their outdoor seating offers an expansive view of the Rockies!
  • Dog Haus is a modern spin on the traditional hot dogs and hamburgers, with everything handcrafted in-house and craft beer options to wash it down with.
  • Doug’s Day Diner is the perfect place to get breakfast on a Saturday morning but be prepared to wait in line with the rest of your fellow neighbors and Centennial residents.
  • Udom Thai, right off University Blvd, specializes in authentic Thai food and is a fabulous place to order takeout on those nights when you are just too exhausted to cook for the household.
parks family outdoor activities
The plethora of parklands in the Centennial CO area allow for plenty of outdoor adventures with the family and friends

Easy Access to Outdoor Activities

There are plenty of places to get outside within Centennial, from the Cherry Creek Reservoir, Parker Jordan Centennial Open Space, Willow Creek Park, and Centennial Center Park.

There are over 100 parks in the area and trails throughout the cities for walking, running, hiking, and biking.

You can also head to one of Centennial’s many golf course options- prevalent throughout Greenwood Village, Highlands Ranch, or other surrounding areas.

Instead of honing in on moving costs, focus on what you can do to enjoy quality time outside and get to know your new surroundings!

What are the best parks and open spaces in Centennial?

Centennial Center Park is rated as the top place to bring your kids on nights and weekends, but alongside that is Cherry Creek Valley, Bluffs Regional Park, Silo Park, and Arapahoe Lake Park are among the most popular places for the current population in Centennial.

You don’t need to contact long-distance movers to get to some of the most beautiful places because some are in the Centennial suburb.

airport centennial coDon’t Forget to Check Out the Centennial Airport

Looking for fun things to do in Centennial?

Well, having an airport in the middle of town is not commonplace for everyone.

If you haven’t had the chance to, visiting the Centennial Airport will allow you to break free from your daily routine, and they offer various events aside from the typical landing and take-off.

  • Exploration of Flight
  • Aircraft Showcases
  • Holiday Festivities
  • Private Parties and More!
centennial real estate
Centennial CO real estate is fairly middle-of-the-road in terms of pricing, but your dollar per square foot goes a whole lot further than in the city!

Cost of Living Can Vary

Centennial, Colorado, has great diversity in housing options, and while we all have to pay for where we live, you can find something that suits your wants and needs.

But finding out more information about the total cost of living is just as crucial as securing affordable movers to get you there!

  • The average cost of a home in Centennial, CO, is approximately $630,900, which is actually down about .2% from the last year!
  • A one-bedroom apartment rents for about $2,060, with the average size being around 950 square feet!

incomeCentennial’s Median Household Income

The prices of homes are a bit higher than seen throughout the Denver metro area, but rental options are more accessible.

There is a pretty even split between those who rent and own and those who request moving estimates and choose Centennial for living, having the ability to gain a more significant annual income.

This is because the median household income for Centennial families averages $104,000, nearly $30,000 higher than Denver residents.

aerospace employer
The aerospace sector is one of the premier jobs providers in Centennial CO

Make Way for High-Income Positions in Centennial, Colorado

Before you start packing your belongings, uncovering the positions and employers in this suburban town is essential to securing your livelihood.

  • There are over 58,000 jobs available within the city limits, many of which are high-salary options.
  • The most popular industries are aerospace, technology, and government.
  • The market continues to increase and has expanded by almost 3% in the last year!
Who are the largest employers in Centennial?

Some of the most significant employers in the area span from places like Comcast, United Healthcare, Arrow Electronics, Sierra Nevada, RingCentral, and McGraw-Hill – among many other options available to locals.

school classroom
There are no shortage of fine public schools to choose from in the Centennial CO area!

Top Rated School District in Colorado

The primary mode of education is available through Cherry Creek School District or Littleton – with Aurora and Denver Public Schools nearby.

  • Cherry Creek is one of the top three districts in the state of Colorado, and a large reason Centennial is such a great place to raise your little ones.
  • Littleton schools are also available throughout the Centennial area, offering more diversity in the classroom, quality education, college preparation, and continued endeavors.

If you are looking for professional moving tips, consult with the professionals at The Denver Moving Group for insight from the experts!

Littleton co
Welcome to Littleton CO!

Littleton Has Carved Out a Name for Itself

Moving to Littleton, Colorado, brings families and households to one of the best places in the Mile High State.

Littleton offers loads of history, a gold standard of living, recreation, and a gorgeous community of people!

It is only about 20 minutes South of Denver and shares a border with Centennial, CO.

The city has cultivated a culture that invites newcomers, remains laid back for residents, and encourages individual growth.

Living in Littleton, CO, Has Its Perks

Littleton stretches through three counties – Arapahoe, Douglas, and Jefferson.

The area spans down to Highlands Ranch and all the way out towards Sheridan, making it a quick drive to Red Rocks Amphitheater, Loveland, Breckenridge, or anywhere throughout the Rockies!

You can’t quite compare the town to any other suburban area because they value play just as much as they value hard work, and if this sounds like the lifestyle you are looking for – contact Denver movers to request an estimate!

Differences from the Denver Area

Downtown Littleton is nothing like what you see and experience in Denver, but it has its own characteristics and personality.

It offers a small town, main street kind of feeling, and the streets are lined with quaint homes, restaurants, and shopping options; however – you won’t be bombarded with loads of people, and it offers feelings of security.

While Denver supplies its unique characteristics, moving and storage companies are carrying several families and different kinds of households down to suburban areas in Colorado.

littleton co
For over a century, downtown Littleton has been the beating heart of this proud city

Experience the Excitement of Downtown Littleton

In downtown Littleton, CO, you can walk to restaurants and boutiques, maintain an incredible view of the mountains, proximity to the local King Soopers, and hiking and biking trails!

This area is a historic district that the public has used for over 100 years.

The area is lined with trees and has a significant adoration for the arts, with many prevalent galleries alongside the Town Hall Arts Center.

And an Incredible View of the Rocky Mountains

Like the rest of Colorado, the weather can be a bit temperamental, but the sun is out regardless – shining down upon the mountains in the distance.

You will have an excellent view of the downtown little area and throughout much of the city.

If you aren’t entirely convinced about taking on the moving logistics, reach out to local moving companies in the Littleton neighborhood for help!

paddleboarding littleton co
Paddle-boarding, you say? Don’t mind if we do!

The Littleton Area is a Safe Place With Outdoor Exploration

The great outdoors is part of what gives Colorado its amazing reputation.

People come from all over the country to see our landscapes, ski, snowboard, and participate in what we are privileged to experience daily!

Still, outdoor recreation is usually on the brain when you are moving in Colorado and throughout the state.

Chatfield State Park and Other Foothill Trails

Some of the most common places Littleton residents enjoy are right within their backyards!

  • Chatfield State Park for hiking, paddle boarding, kayaking, fishing, etc.
  • Waterton Canyon Trailhead is a 12.6-mile trail that runs through Chatfield State Park and up to Louviers.
  • Roxborough State Park has over 3,000 acres of land and opened in 1975. It is observed as a National Landmark!
  • The Rockies are only about 60 miles out, and you can venture to that national park or opt for your kind of adventure.
real estate market
The real estate market in Littleton CO commands a median sale price just higher than in Denver

Median Home Price in Littleton, Colorado

It is not common to contact professional movers to begin your relocation project until you have a place to rest your head.

This is not the case for everyone, as everyone has their circumstances, but the housing market has been on the upswing in Littleton!

A Desirable Place for Family But Competitive for Buyers

The cost of living for cities throughout Colorado is generally sitting above the national average, and Littleton is actually carrying a median house sale price higher than Denver.

  • The median house price is about $674,000.
  • That is down .6% from the previous year but has been on the increase over the past five years.
  • Nearly 30% of house sales go for higher than the initial listing price, which unveils a somewhat competitive market for buyers!
What are the average rental rates in the Littleton area?

The general cost of a one-bedroom apartment is on par with the Mile High City at approximately $2,100 a month.

However, many renters have noticed rates dropping over the past few months, and we will see that pattern continue into 2024!

high schools denver co
Centennial and Littleton are next to each other, meaning school options are very similar

Excellent School Options Living in Littleton, CO

Since Centennial and Littleton are neighbors, they share many of the same schooling options.

Requesting moving services is the easy part; everything that comes after your relocation journey forces you to get outside your comfort zone.

Schooling and education are of high priority in Littleton Public Schools, Douglas Public Schools, and Cherry Creek – all options for living in the city.

Arapahoe Community College and Other Higher Education Options

Aside from primary and secondary schooling options, Littleton is home to Arapahoe Community College, which sits right off the edge of the downtown area!

  • Colorado Christian University is only about 20 minutes away.
  • Red Rocks Community College is a 30-minute drive from Littleton but can be accessed easily from the downtown Lightrail station!
What are the top elementary and high schools in Littleton?

Interesting and Innovative Job Options

Littleton, CO, is known for its wide variety and diversity within the workforce and highly educated community, which can make the market competitive.

Retail, service, healthcare, technology, education, and construction are some of the largest industries in the area.

You can work for companies like Wells Fargo, AT&T, IBM, Clute Institute, and Stillwater Mining Co!

If you haven’t contacted movers and packers, now is the perfect time to do so!

moving out of Denver city to suburbs
Let the Denver moving Company be your one-stop-shop to a new life out of the cramped city and into the sprawling suburbs!

Trading City Life for the Suburbs of the Denver Metro Area

Large cities have unique benefits, but with the Denver area becoming so high-cost, many families have been forced to branch out to access legitimate houses at an affordable price.

For the most part, throughout America, the population is going through tough times, but that doesn’t mean that is how things will continue.

Securing a brighter future may mean heading to some of the best places in Colorado that still provide close proximity to the city and mountains!

If your family is ready to transition to a nearby suburb of Denver like Littleton or Centennial, the final choice is entirely up to you.

Still, you better begin contacting local movers within your community to get started!

Considering a Move? Call on the Moving Professionals for a Stress-Free Process

The Denver Moving Company can provide complimentary moving quotes for your upcoming local move within the Centennial State or across state lines!

Our movers are dedicated to cultivating and maintaining a more simplistic means of relocating, alleviating clients of any stressors on their plate.

Relocation across Colorado is easy when professionals are backing you and have found the perfect place to call home!

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