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Unveiling Cherry Creek, Colorado: What It’s Like to Live in One of Denver’s Most Expensive Neighborhoods

A Luxurious Town in Downtown Denver

Downtown Denver is known for all sorts of things, from the Platte River running through the city to art museums, the infamous clock tower, a massive performing arts scene, music venues, craft breweries, and world-class restaurants.

No matter where you are headed throughout the Mile High City, you can find something that will fit every family member!

But when you have been living there for a while or in a surrounding suburb for quite some time, a change of scenery or upgrade in lifestyle provides a nice, fresh breath of air.

Locating legitimate Denver movers, preparing your household belongings, and making the transition are significant changes that inevitably affect everyone in your household.

house for saleLocation is Everything in the Mile High City

Where you live in Denver makes a difference for your personal level of convenience when it comes to necessities, wants, and needs.

Different neighborhoods are known for their own kind of energy, restaurants, cafes, shops, and other local favorites!

So where you and your family choose to situate yourselves with the help of local movers will always matter.

Cherry Creek sets the standard for quality living in Denver CO

Getting to Know the Cherry Creek Neighborhood in 2023

Cherry Creek has long been touted as a place for the upper echelon to choose to live.

It is a short five-minute drive from downtown, with Colorado Boulevard perched off to the Eastern regions, University Boulevard sitting to the West, and further bordered by 6th and 1st Avenues.

When most people think of Cherry Creek, they immediately think of its shopping center and the upscale boutique shops, spas, and outdoor spaces within walking distance of the mall area.

But most Denverites don’t tend to venture throughout the rest of the neighborhood, filled with stunning, massive homes, high-rise condos, and luxury penthouses, which local moving companies help residents move into.

It exists as a gated community in the middle of a city without needing a physical gate to keep people on the other side of Colorado Boulevard.

Cherry Creek
Located deep inside Denver, Cherry Creek offers the pleasantly remote feel of a suburb on the periphery

Suburbia in the City

While the Cherry Creek neighborhood is shrouded by its reputation, it boasts a welcoming vibe as it is mainly a residential area.

However, there is still a need for quality commercial moving with all the many business operations throughout the city!

Each street is lined with beautifully groomed trees and landscaping; many visitors from neighboring areas in Denver and throughout Colorado head to the parks, restaurants, and sweet cafes, and to shop, of course!

We are the best choice for youRated as Denver’s Best Neighborhoods

With a population of over 11,000 people, Cherry Creek North is one of the larger communities in Denver but remains a neighborhood that many locals would love to live in.

It has continuously been rated as one of the most incredible places to live in Colorado, with an A rating from its past, present, and future neighborhood residents!

In recent years, many visitors have shown an increased level of interest in the district, and while it has seen its fair share of changes – the population is on the rise, too.

If you are considering Cherry Creek North in Denver for your household, consult with full-service movers before the big day!

Is Cherry Creek North considered a safe neighborhood?

Most Cherry Creek residents aren’t renting a moving truck to make the trek to the area and instead will hire professionals to do so

However, before moving day, many people want to be fully aware of the safety of their new Denver neighborhood.

Cherry Creek North has its own safety program, and the public seems to stay involved, making it one of the safest neighborhoods in Denver!

cherry creek real estate
As you can imagine, Cherry Creek house prices are some of the highest in Denver CO. But one look and you’ll see what your dollar per square foot is offering!

The Real Estate Options are Other-Worldly

Coloradans and Denver residents are already fully aware of what the homes and apartments look like in the Cherry Creek neighborhood.

It goes without saying that the real estate in the district is jaw-dropping and show-stopping!

That doesn’t mean booking affordable movers isn’t a priority; securing that house likely comes first.

  • The median sale price of a home in Cherry Creek North is about $1.3M.
  • Homes have seen an increase in prices of about 8% since last year, and the same trend has been followed in recent years.
  • The neighborhood is known for its competitive nature for buyers.

high rise condoBut Be Prepared to Pay for That High Rise

Pricing can change significantly depending on the street the home or apartment is on, the neighborhood region, etc.

Condos, penthouses, and apartments are no different in Cherry Creek, as this is one of the trendiest and most desirable district areas in Denver, Colorado.

  • The median rent price in the Cherry Creek neighborhood is approximately $3,200.
  • These prices have continued to be driven upwards, and since last year, Cherry Creek has seen a 36% increase in renter costs.

Need help piecing together your moving checklist for Denver’s Cherry Creek North neighborhood? The Denver Moving Company has you covered!

What is the Median Household Income in Cherry Creek?

Pushing over the boundaries of University Boulevard into the Cherry Creek neighborhood is not fit for everyone.

If you plan on securing local movers and packers, checking stats and figures is critical.

  • The median household income here is actually over $135,000 a year.
  • This is $57,000 over the Denver average and $70,000 over the national average!
jobs market
The jobs market in Cherry Creek calls out for executive level positions regularly

The Cherry Creek Job Market is Booming

The shops, spas, and other retail establishments available throughout Cherry Creek in Denver may be the first thing you think of associated with its nuclear job market.

While shopping brings a ton of attractions and tourism to the neighborhood and community residents, it is not the only thing that makes up the current market.

Those planning to book movers and relocate to the neighborhood have tremendous opportunities within and throughout the rest of Denver!

Small businesses, entrepreneurs, construction and development, finance, and banking have all made a name for themselves as industries in the area!

resumeYou Will Need a Stacked Resume Though

While most Cherry Creek residents are making higher salaries than what is typical of the rest of Denver, they have worked very hard to get there.

  • Nearly half of the Cherry Creek population has a Master’s Degree or higher.
  • Over 30% of the Cherry Creek neighborhood has a Bachelor’s Degree.

It is time to spruce up that resume while searching for licensed moving services in Colorado!

jobs marketWhat are the leading industries in Cherry Creek?

While there are plenty of business opportunities throughout Cherry Creek and the city of Denver, understanding the full scope of industries and hiring employers before you lock down your moving and storage services provides peace of mind.

The top employers in Cherry Creek are as follows:

  • Forum Real Estate Group
  • Stifel Financial
  • The Container Store
  • Rhone
  • State of Colorado
  • US Government
spa relaxation
Get some well-needed rest and relaxation at one of Cherry Creek’s spas

The Dining and Shopping Center in Cherry Creek North is Amazing

There is no way around the shopping available in Cherry Creek; it is one of the biggest pulls to the area and entices its atmosphere around the neighborhood.

  • There are over 300 shops in the Cherry Creek neighborhood, so you can quite literally shop until you drop!
  • There are 75 different restaurants to choose from as you weave in and out of those shops!
  • You will find over 50 spas and salons in Cherry Creek North.

Once your Denver movers make delivery into your new Cherry Creek home, you can hit the ground running – getting your hair done at one of the many salons, shopping at all the excellent boutiques, and finishing off the day at one of the many delicious restaurants!

art galleryArt Galleries, Hotels, and More

Cherry Creek has positioned itself as an artistic community, as you will see art installations on the street as you are walking.

The town has continued to pave its way in making the environment more enjoyable for residents.

  • There are five major art galleries in the Cherry Creek neighborhood.
  • There are five hotels within the district, all of which are lovely options if you have family or friends visiting from out of town!
Italian restaurant
If you’re a lover of fine Italian cuisine, Barolo Grill is the perfect venue for you
What are the Most Popular restaurants in Cherry Creek North?

Just as Denverites and Cherry Creek residents prefer locally owned facilities for dining and shopping excursions, family-owned moving companies are a reliable choice when relocating within the Mile High State.

There is a plethora of options for restaurants throughout Cherry Creek:

  • Barolo Grill, upscale wine cellar, and the best Italian dishes in Cherry Creek.
  • Machete Tequila & Tacos, street-style tacos, and an excellent place for parties!
  • Pastry Republic, pop in for savory pies in Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall.
  • Grind Kitchen & Watering Hole if you want fried chicken with a twist!
  • Local Jones is the hot spot for those who deem themselves as ladies who lunch!
family biking park
Cherry Creek’s parks allow plenty of healthy family outings

It’s Easy to Participate in Outdoor Fun With the Family

There is no match for the South Platte River, which runs straight through Cherry Creek alongside the South Platte River trail, which follows along at its side down through University Boulevard.

Residents can thoroughly enjoy the Cherry Creek Trail for runs in the morning, biking, canoeing, kayaking, picnicking, and more!

Furniture movers have nothing on Cherry Creek residents; staying active and remaining a proactive part of the community is vital throughout the region!

There are also many urban parks to visit on the East side of Cherry Creek:

  • Cherry Creek Park
  • Pulaski Park
  • City of Karmiel Park
  • Washington Park is one of the more popular parks down the street!

gymYou Can Find Indoor Activities Too

From art galleries to the Cherry Creek Country Club and over 15 fitness studios, all with different styles and approaches – there are plenty of options to stay moving through Denver.

  • The Cherry Creek Country Club has been a local attraction, but be prepared to pay a starting membership fee of $650 a month to join the club.
  • Lagree Luxe, Studio CLMBR, and Pure Barre are some of the more trendy fitness studios in Cherry Creek.

Are you ready to start interviewing moving companies? Contact The Denver Moving Company to get started on your free moving estimate for Cherry Creek North Living!

When is the Cherry Creek Arts Festival?

The Cherry Creek Arts Festival takes place every Summer season in July, from July 5th through July 7th.

The annual festival is a great place to bring your kids and the whole family to enjoy hundreds of artists and their work on display, vendors, places to shop, live music, activities, and art education!

cherry creek school district

Nothing Beats the Cherry Creek School District

When people are booking local and long-distance movers, schools play a significant role in the decision-making process.

Cherry Creek has different school options as Colorado is an open enrollment state, but when you look directly in the neighborhood, elite education is available to your children.

educationSchools Your Kids Will Love

Before you begin the process of requesting moving quotes for a move to Cherry Creek, understanding how your child will fit in at the new feeder schools is essential to their emotional and academic growth and success.

Luckily, Cherry Creek feeds into Denver Public Schools, providing students autonomy over their learning environments, public and private schooling options, and extraordinary preparation for college and higher education!

What are Denver’s top-rated schools?

Living in Cherry Creek affords residents and their kiddos access to some of the top schools in Denver:

  • East High School
  • South High School
  • Steele Elementary School
  • St. Mary’s Academy
  • Crescent View Academy

So, what are you waiting around for? Request moving company quote today!

call denver moving companies
Call Denver Moving Companies today for all your Cherry Creek relocation needs!

It’s As Good as It Gets in Cherry Creek

Cherry Creek will never shake being known as an area of wealth, but it will remain a vibrant neighborhood in Denver!

Deciding to relocate and uproot from where you currently call home means many changes ahead. Still, when you have access to a licensed moving company in Denver to help you through the process – you can arrive at Cherry Creek in style, even before you shop!

Becoming Residents? Contact Your Local Movers

The Denver Moving Company is a locally owned company of professional movers offering local services to Cherry Creek and throughout the great state of Colorado.

Our moving experts provide free moving quotes for all your moving needs because every customer’s satisfaction is guaranteed!

If you are pondering if Cherry Creek suits you, take a day to check it out for yourself and get to know the community.

But don’t forget to contact The Denver Moving Company to relocate with comfort and ease!

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