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Donating Items in Denver When Decluttering For a Move in Colorado

Relocating to a New Space Means Ridding Yourself of Unwanted Items

Living in a house or apartment for any extended period gives you a chance to begin collecting a whole lot of stuff, and when you are planning to move, it’s a great opportunity to get rid of what no longer serves you.

Transitioning into a new place with a local Colorado moving company poses significant changes for your household, but it also means a lot of preparation for you.

You can’t get around all the toys piled up in your kid’s room, the heaps of clothing stuffed into your closet, and the random things that have made their way into your living room.

It’s not difficult to make an effort to create more space, but when was the last time you actually had room in your schedule to take on a project of this magnitude?

unloading furniture into your new homeDon’t Let Your Household Goods Rule Your Life (or the Big Move)

Saying you are going to use your free time to begin the process of decluttering through furniture and taking clothes for donation is one thing; doing it takes some additional planning.

Movers and packers throughout Denver, CO, offer complete relocation service options with packing and storage included – but this still doesn’t resolve the issue at hand.

Don’t allow your household items and material goods to control your transition.

Instead, focus on it, as it may be time to note what you need, what you don’t, and what others may benefit from as you declutter.

Decide which articles of furniture you can do without in order to make your relocation that more affordable

Evaluating Your Household Items

The decluttering process may feel a tad bit overwhelming, but that is not a reason to be discouraged because no matter which way you look at things – decluttering everything is necessary to get packed up and on the road to your next place!

Moving procedures require you to pack up your house, clothing, furniture, shoes, food, and anything you plan to bring with you or store at a facility.

Most local moving services will offer packing services and storage facilities to remove client stress.

However, sorting through your belongings can help your household and relocate to your new home before your moving crew arrives.

decluttering home
The hardest part of decluttering is getting started. Once you begin, you will see the difference immediately!

Start Decluttering Early, Never Procrastinate

Once you have gotten up and motivated, you must start your decluttering and cleaning process as soon as possible to ensure that everything gets done on time.

This will save you time and provide more time throughout the week to get organized; instead of completing everything simultaneously, consider taking things one room at a time.

When you are selling your house, you will already get rid of a significant part of your current identity, and even though it doesn’t define you – moving into your new home shouldn’t bring all the remnants of the past.

Be sure to book your licensed long-distance movers well before your move so that you can schedule and control your relocation project.

declutter groupings
If you’re planning on selling or donating your belongings, marking each box accordingly will help

Create Groupings for All Items

When planning on donating or selling any of your stuff, breaking everything down into categories makes every drop easier to manage.

If you plan on donating any of these things, piling them into groups makes it easier to further sort through everything once you pack and deliver items to donation centers in Denver.

Don’t forget to check out multiple affordable moving quotes to ensure you get the best price available!

Keep, Donate, and Consignment
  • Choose carefully what you will bring into your new space, and consider every object according to its use and needs.
  • Any of your furniture or other belongings that are in good condition and could be accepted for donation should be set aside to be donated.
  • High-value items you would like to sell can be consigned at a shop specializing in that sort of thing, placed in a garage sale, or on individual seller apps.
  • Clothes, toys, and shoes are usually a significant part of the donation process, and for things that you no longer use, donating these things is a great option for your decluttering priorities!
  • Allow your children to participate in the project, from picking out local movers in Denver to choosing the new home and sorting through what they want to donate or get rid of from their room!
perishable foodsCleaning Out the Food Pantry

Food is another major part of packing up your household, as it is a part of our essential needs!

While all perishable items and cleaning products cannot typically be donated, certain foods can be released to different charity organizations.

Suppose you have a stock of food that is not spoiled and nonperishable by the time your full-service moving company is preparing to arrive.

In that case, you can donate to food banks, religious organizations, soup kitchens, and shelters.

separating valuable items
Separating your valuable belongings from the rest of your items so they are protected

Keep Sentimental Items in a Safe Area

Things with sentimental value should always be placed in a separate pile or group to store these belongings until they are correctly moved.

Of course, all the best moving companies across Denver will properly secure these things until they are delivered to your new place!

Top tips from the Ultimate Decluttering Expert

As a general rule of thumb, those with experience with decluttering suggest using the 20/20 rule!

This rule states that if you are attempting to save furniture, clothing, or any of your belongings in case they are needed at a later time and are under $20, it will only take 20 minutes to replace them eventually.

Get rid of those things and clear your space before your professional movers arrive!

donating belongings
Donating unwanted clothes and other belongings to charity is an easy way to declutter your home

How to Get Rid of Things When Moving House in Colorado

You will always have a chance to give away various things for free to neighbors, friends, and family, but whatever is left over must be submitted to a legitimate donation center.

What you choose to consign to earn a little bit of extra money should be placed on sale as you find them throughout your rooms, and be sure to note anything else there is to declutter as you are moving through everything.

Once you complete everything, understanding who you can donate to and who you cannot can create hurdles and barriers for you. While some local moving companies can provide suggestions, you must plan this out before your moving date.

Establish Who Will Accept Donations

There are so many options for donating what you declutter, but knowing who is willing to take what is important to note.

  • Goodwill is usually the top spot across Colorado and the rest of the country that people use as an example for donations of gently used items (clothing, furniture, electronics, dishware, books, etc.) because they will take an assortment of goods.
  • Libraries will generally accept old or unwanted books and DVDs you no longer need so long as they are not too worn in.
  • Baby and Children’s Stores must be more picky about what decluttering they can accept, as there are many federal regulations around baby items.
  • Pickup Services: specific organizations will actually come and pick up things once you can declutter your home thoroughly.

Looking for experienced furniture movers to help lighten the load? The Denver Moving Company is a Mile High City licensed expert specializing in local and long-distance moving services!

donating books
Your local library will be grateful for however many books you can part with!

Research and Reach Out to Set Locations

You will need to dig a little deeper into local donation centers because some places will only accept clothing items, others cannot take furniture, and many specialize in their sectors of donations.

This is a pertinent step to complete so you aren’t stuck with a bunch of clothing someone cannot accept, and your professional packers and movers are ready to get started.

Donations & Charity Options in Denver, Colorado
  • Denver Rescue Mission helps to house, cloth, and furnish apartments for families and individuals in need.
  • Habitat ReStore participates in building affordable housing and furnishing houses for community members.
  • Dress for Success helps prepare women for the professional spheres and provides professional attire to do so.
  • ReCreative Denver takes things for reuse in art education within the community instead of being pushed to a landfill.
  • Bella Boutique offers free dresses, shoes, jewelry, and accessories for prom and other formal events!
charity opening hours
Avoid making a wasted journey and check the opening hours of your local charities

Confirm When They Can Accept Items

Not everyone will be able to accept everything all of the time because they are non-profit organizations.

While many should be open Monday – Friday, there are plenty that will have set days they are closed, will be closed on weekends, etc.

After all, they aren’t providing the same services as same-day movers but hoping to create profound change in many Denverites’ lives, and when you are preparing for a move, you have a chance to be a part of the transformation process as well.

Ask Questions if You Don’t Have Clear Answers

Before throwing all your clothing into boxes or bags for your drop-off, ask questions about anything unclear.

rulesReview Any Rules About the Conditions of Belongings

There should be clear-cut regulations for each organization about what they can accept – items in good condition, no liquids, no textbooks, etc.

As moving and storage companies must adhere to the DOT regulations of what can and cannot be transported, so do non-profit donation facilities!

Pet Hair Furniture, Cribs, Bed Frames, Hygiene Items, and Non Perishable Food

Some smaller items, furniture with large amounts of pet hair, and other used furniture items are not always things every donation center can accept.

While it would be nice to walk into your nearest donation facility and drop off all your stuff in one fell swoop, that is not how it works in Denver and most places nationwide.

The following items are typically not accepted for donation:

  • Anything ripped, torn, or stained.
  • Nothing with excessive pet hair or odor.
  • Hazardous chemicals.
  • Opened cleaning materials.
  • Glass, windows, or mirrors.
  • Broken electronics.
  • Cribs, bunk beds, booster, and car seats.

Starting your own moving checklist? Check out what the professionals have to say!

donating items
Call your local charity organisations to schedule drop-offs rather than turning up randomly

Schedule Your Donations in Advance

Call your local donation centers to arrange everything in advance because you will likely need to go to multiple places to get everything dropped off!

As you evaluate moving company cost, consider parsing through and scheduling differing locations to which you can deliver your declutter.

Starting Early Gets Your Household Ahead

  • Don’t push things off until a later date because it can become a stress induction for your household as you prepare to move out.
  • There are loads of quality moving tips, but the sooner you can get through things, the easier it will be to be ready for your moving day!
  • The more you can offload and declutter, the smaller your move size and the more money you can save.
moving in
With fewer items to move, your relocation will not only feel more streamlined but will become more affordable!

Start Off Fresh in Your New Home

There is nothing comparable to starting fresh in a new place that you can cultivate into your own home without having to rifle through hundreds of packed boxes filled with stuff you need to sort out.

There are always Denver movers available to help with the packing and unpacking of your items, but it is up to you to remain in control of your relocation journey.

Don’t Forget to Call Colorado Moving Experts for Your Moving Quote

Contact The Denver Moving Company for complimentary moving estimates on local, long-distance, and cross-country moving services if you are currently taking on moving procedures.

Decluttering doesn’t have to be a stressful process, nor does local relocation – with us, Coloradans can access affordable, experienced, and professional moving solutions!

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