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Moving to Tampa: A Know and Consider Guide

Life on the Bay in Tampa, FL

Residents in the Tampa area enjoy a relaxed beach life and the city amenities of a large metropolitan area.

From the close proximity to theme parks such as Busch Gardens, Disney World, or Zoo Tampa, the presence of naturalistic features such as the Tampa Riverwalk, Davis Island, or Treasure Island, and the numerous large annual events such as the Gasparilla Pirate Festival, the Gasparilla International Film Festival, or any number of events in historic Hyde Park, the Tampa Bay area has so much to offer.

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The space includes two large metro areas: Tampa itself and St. Petersburg. Each area has distinct personalities, with definite lines drawn between Tampa, St. Pete, and Clearwater. Living in Tampa Bay can feel like a vacation all year.

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Tampa, a town north of the bay, has an upscale social scene and a predominantly Hispanic community and is famous for Ybor City, once dubbed the “Cigar Capital of the World.”

Tampa covers 175.3 km2, according to the Census Bureau, although 68.7 miles is water. The topographic features of this region have shallow peaks that rise only 157 feet above sea level.

Tampa Bay consists of two separate bays called Old Tampa Bay and Hillsborough Bay. The river is on every side, and the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay are westbound of East Tampa and flow right through downtown Tampa.

The larger Palm River runs east of the town towards McKay Bay on northwestern Hillsborough Bay. If you’re looking to move to South Tampa or West Tampa, here are some Essential Tips for Relocating.

tampa neighborhoods

Tampa Bay Neighborhoods and Suburbs

Originally, residents of Tampa were referred to as “Tampans.” Obviously, that wasn’t something many were thrilled with, so now, once you come here, you may be a “Tampanian” or a “Tampanian.”

Some people may be called Tampetenos. Those views vary widely across Tampa Bay and the entire Greater Tampa Area. All of them have their own character, monument, and cultural significance.

Here are some of Tampa’s most popular areas to help you determine your ideal neighborhood:

These areas are more broadly organized in the city center into North Tampa, South Tampa, Downtown Tampa, and New Tampa.

Each has its own unique appeal, whether you are looking for a gated community, the opportunity to enter the thriving job market, or simply searching for close proximity to major cities and/or local tropical features such as Clearwater Beach.

When preparing for a big move, make sure to know What Not to Pack for Your Move.

Hillsborough County movers

Hillsborough County

Hillsborough is home to Tampa International Airport, recently ranked as the number one large airport in the entirety of the United States.

Hillsborough also covers the smaller towns like Plant City and Temple Terrace and some sprawling unincorporated towns such as Carrollwood, Brandon, Westchase, and New Tampa.

Right next to the Hillsborough River. Hillsborough County is the most populated area of the city for good reason.

moving to Pinellas County

Pinellas County

This area includes Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and over 20 other small cities. It is also a convenient and efficient travel destination from St. Pete-Clearwater Airport.

For many tourists, if they have visited Tampa, it is to this county. It is often more overtly tailored to travelers, with features such as food trucks and multiple beautiful beachfront views.

Looking for the Best Places to Live in Tampa? They Might be Across the Bay!

Tampa is now used as a shortened word in terms of all areas surrounding Tampa Bay. This is understandable because even the Tampa Bay Rays play baseball in St. Pete — an area around the bay just 30 to 45 minutes from Tampa Bay.

move near Buccanneers' sports stadium

While the Tampa Bay Buccanneers’ sports stadium, Raymond James Stadium, is in the Tampa Bay area, the Rays’ Tropicana Field is definitely not.

Precisely like the San Francisco Bay area, Tampa is divided between separate cities along the east coast and shore of the Gulf.

The Tampa Bay Metropolitan region includes four counties: Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Hernando, and Tampa Bay. As you prepare for your potential move, here are some Key Things to Know for Out-of-State Moves.

The Cost of Living in Tampa

The current cost of living in Tampa is equivalent to the National Average.

Home prices in Tampa have remained steady because of high demand and restricted supply. Depending on the location, apartment prices range from $1,300 to over $4,600.

Having said that, in Florida as a whole, prices have skyrocketed over the past few years.

While many other states have seen inflation in prices across essentials such as grocery items and services, Florida’s West coast (including the Tampa Bay area) has seen some of the steepest inclines in pricing of all.

Another key pricing element to be aware of is the cost of moving itself, which is why you need to know all about Negotiating with Moving Companies 101 and Avoiding Moving Brokers.

housing cost in tampa

Housing Costs Over Time in the Tampa Bay Area

Zillow collects median sales price data and additional data from the Austin Board of Realtors and Houston Association of Realtors, Intermountain MLS.

As differences are found in data sources, home prices are not comparable among metros. Show home ownership prices over the years.

In terms of financial affordability, your move to Tampa may be disappointing. The average rent for Tampa Apartments in July 2023 was roughly $2,925, a figure above the National Average of $1,700.

A recent report said the cost increase for newcomers to Tampa Bay from the more populated area is primarily driven by the high cost. In other words, with the high prices of inflation across the board, housing prices have had to skyrocket as well.

New Florida Homeowners Pay High Property Taxes

You’re probably going to pay much greater property taxes if buying a new home in Florida compared to a neighbor’s property that’s been in existence. A crucial factor that can help homeowners save money is the state’s Save Our Homes cap, which increases their property taxes annually.

For further moving considerations, read Denver Moving Company vs. PODS: What’s Better?

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What’s the Weather Like in Tampa, FL?

Tampa suffers severe summer weather. The weather brings extreme moisture, rain showers daily, high temperatures, and even occasional hurricanes. Even the winter weather is, more often than not, exceedingly warm in comparison to other areas of the country.

So be prepared to deal with copious amounts of hot weather and rely heavily on your air conditioning unit to survive most of the year.

During hurricane season, the weather can get even more insane, with obscenely high rain levels and winds up to 236 mph.

Such intense weather conditions regularly lead to this time of year, including almost annual closings of public schools and local attractions such as Zoo Tampa (formerly known as Lowry Park Zoo), Adventure Island, or even, in rare cases, the coveted Gasparilla Festival.

hurricane storm in florida

Tampa Weather

In cities, summer is hot and humid, with thunderstorms frequent. Summer temperatures normally run between 80 and 100 degrees.

The hot summer encourages lush greenery in Tampa. You’ll also see plenty of palm trees. The port city is the most central place where plants grow.

Tampa’s humid subtropical climate makes it an ideal sanctuary for wintery people. Tampa residents have mildly wet winters in the 50s to 80s.

This means Winter in Tampa remains an enjoyable season for fishing, golfing, and engaging in other typically Floridian activities.

Monthly High and Low Temperature (°F)

Data was collected from the National Climate Data Center.

  1. January: The low was 52.4°F, while the high was 70.1°F.
  2. February: The low was 53.8°F, while the high was 71.6°F.
  3. March: The low was 58.5°F, while the high was 76.3°F.
  4. April: The low was 62.4°F, while the high was 80.6°F.
  5. May: The low was 68.9°F, while the high was 86.3°F.
  6. June: The low was 74.0°F, while the high was 88.9°F.
  7. July: The low was 75.3°F, while the high was 89.7°F.
  8. August: The low was 75.4°F, while the high was 90.0°F.
  9. September: The low was 74.3°F, while the high was 89.0°F.
  10. October: The low was 67.6°F, while the high was 84.1°F.
  11. November: The low was 60.7°F, while the high was 78.0°F.
  12. December: The low was 54.7°F, while the high was 72.0°F.

Winter Long-Distance Moving Tips can be found here.

tampa population

Who Lives in Tampa, FL?

Many are migrant residents of the United States, drawn into the region through the good weather, recreation, jobs, and retirement facilities. If you are looking to move to his area of South Florida, make sure to reference our Ultimate New Home Moving Checklist.

Tampa Residents Tend to Be Younger 

In the past, the major differences in Tampa Bay were based on age. Early on, Tampa developed into a place to work with families, while the beaches surrounding Saint Petersburg-Clearwater at Pinellas attracted more retired residents.

Relocating to Tampa and beyond, it’s best when Choosing Family-Owned Movers, as they have your ideals and goals more set than large corporations often do.

The side of Pinellas grew younger in the past year because it had an economy extending beyond tourism, but age differences remain visible in the census. Marketers usually refer to Hillsborough County as a testing county due to its relatively low average age of 37 years.

people in tampa fl

If you are a young person looking for further ways to save your budget and the environment, check out this Eco-Friendly Moving Solutions and our Budgeting and Saving on Moving Costs.

Significant factors that contribute to the attraction of younger families to the area are the presence of a thriving food scene, localized shopping districts in places like Wesley Chapel, the downtown area, Channelside Bay Plaza, or Bayshore Boulevard, and the proximity to relatively affordable entertainment options such as Busch Gardens or the Florida Aquarium.

Median Ages in the Tampa Bay region

The median age in Tampa, FL, is 35.9 years overall, which is younger than Srarsota and Miami (both of which are in the 40s) and about equivalent to Jacksonville. The only large Floridian city with a younger median overall is Orlando, with a median age of 33.9. For more on Miami, read about Comparing Denver to Miami.

Tampa’s Bars and Nightlife

Historic Ybor City offers many great options for people looking for a thriving nightlife scene in Tampa, FL.

top coastlines in america

The Beaches in Tampa Bay are the Best in Florida!

Only the sandy shoreline makes life here worthwhile. There has never been an overt bias or hyperbolism.

Over the years, beaches along the Gulf of Mexico have been voted among the most spectacular by many objective sources, including TripAdvisor and USA News.

Local advice: Clearwater beaches are the more popular, so instead of being stuck in weekend traffic jams, consider going there on a weekday.

Try less traveled beaches if you want more than just a sight or a view. St. Pete Beach is just as beautiful and often far less crowded.

Simultaneously, if you’re willing to head out to Treasure Island’s beaches, located north, they are just as beautiful as St. Pete Beach.

Tampa is the City of Champions

Despite decades of humiliation, Tampa sports fans were rewarded in 2020 for winning multiple titles.

In addition to being the home of several championship-winning local teams, Tampa, FL, also serves as a home for many wider national teams’ spring training, such as the Yankees.

Several Tampa supporters take it very personally when people move here and still cheer for visitors, especially the Yankees.

tampa top cigar manufacturers

Tampa’s Industry and Economy

Phosphate was found in the early 1880s in southeast Bone Valley and remains a key element for the economics of Tampa.

The arrival of railroads and the continued commercial fishing boom attracted many Cuban and Italian immigrants.

Ybor City and West Tampa quickly became major cigar manufacturing centers, ultimately becoming a world-famous cigar manufacturing capital. For your business needs, check out Relocating Your Home Office Successfully.

In fact, Tampa’s economy is now diversified to include banking services, telecommunications, and medical services. Known for Southern hospitality, the economy of Tampa, FL, is thriving on all fronts.

Tampa has many pets, pet-friendly sights, and parks, so here are some Tips for Moving with Pets Long-Distance.

cost of insurance

Homeowners and Car Insurance are Expensive in Tampa

Higher-priced insurance is another expense to consider when planning a move to Tampa, FL. Florida is one of the most expensive states in the US for full coverage.

In Florida, rates in Tampa are much higher than in small towns because of the higher accident and theft rates. This is just as true for homeowners insurance as well.

Public Transit and Pedestrian Fatalities

Tampa Bay Ranks low in transit availability and high in pedestrian fatalities, especially in Downtown Tampa

The wheels of the vehicle require good balance, and if walking or riding a bicycle, it is highly recommended that you take care. Automobiles are expensive and have an impact on our lives.

The region is currently the fifth-most deadly region in terms of pedestrian deaths, with 3.5 deaths per 100,000 people per year on average.

Among the people who travel to Tampa Bay by bike, there is also a higher risk than those in the surrounding region.

tampa fl public transportation

Although municipal and state income tax governments and organizations focus on improving transit and the safety of pedestrians and cyclists, you should also take extensive personal precautions.

High traffic volumes along mainline such as Tampa St. or Gunn Hwy can be incredibly dangerous.

All of these factors also contribute to a very intense driving experience, which is why you may need our Ultimate Interstate Moving Guide.

What’s the Best Way to Get Around Tampa, FL?

Usually, people rely on cars for transportation.

Some locals complain about a lack of an extensive transportation system that crosses the bay, although it’s accessible through public transport on all sides of the sea.

In Hillsborough, the county also offers buses and trolleys. HART provides public bus service throughout Tampa and the county, and the TECO Line Streetcar runs between Ybor City and Tampa City.

For your own transportation needs, reference our Cross-Country Moving Made Easy guide.

The TECO Line Streetcar is operated by the public transportation authority in St. Petersburg and Clearwater, and the Suncoast Beach Trolley from St. Petersburg to Clearwater.

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Common FAQs Before Moving to Tampa

Is Tampa, Florida, a good place to live?

Tampa has incredibly beautiful weather for nearly nine months out of the year and has an excellent employment market with an excellent culture.

Award-winning beaches are within ten minutes of Tampa, and an international airport (Tampa International Airport) is just around the corner.

Before moving, always ensure you’ve read and followed our Decluttering Before the Big Move in Denver guide.

earn money in tampa

How much money do you need to live in Tampa?

The estimated monthly cost is $4,644.50 for four adults without rent in Tampa, Florida. An individual’s estimated monthly expense is $1,357.20 without rent.

As you consider your cross-country move, make sure to read up on Long-Distance Moving Companies in Denver and deep-dive into our Expert Denver Office Movers to know how you can best financially provide for yourself and your family before, during, and after the move.

Why do people keep moving to Tampa?

The weather conditions, thriving marketplace, and local affordable attractions contribute to Tampa’s viability.

With events such as the Gasparilla Pirate Fest (the Gasparilla Pirate Fest is essentially Tampa’s version of Mardi Gras), the Tampa Bay Margarita Festival, and local sights such as the Tampa Museum or Sulphur Springs, it’s easy to see why Tampa, Florida, has become such a draw.

Why Millennials are moving to Tampa?

Tampa has become an ideal location for younger millennials and Gen Zers. The city’s walkability is a significant factor, as are the local areas, such as Bayshore Boulevard, Hyde Park, and Seminole Heights.

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